Friday, March 8, 2013

Junk emails -

I have a junk mail email address. It’s the address I don’t check often, but the one I give to Anne Taylor Loft and Panera, and to get on a mailing list for some quaint store I am in on vacation, or  if I want to enter a contest and win a yacht.

About twice a month I log in – see if I won anything or got something free from Kate Spade or Tory Burch or CVS, read the email newsletter from a holistic vet, see if I want to fly anywhere on Southwest Airlines for $89, find if if HGTV wants me on any of their shows, delete the emails and I am done.

My regular email is not clogged up with junk, and I am not getting excited when I hear the ding on my phone and find out that Total Wine emailed me. 

I don’t mind giving this junk email out though, because sometimes I do get good coupons, holistic vet tips, and there was the time I won a yacht (not really but here’s to hoping).  

This one is just gaudy - puhlease.

This one seems okay I guess.

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