Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dr. Tired Girl -

Tired Girls benefit from having a doctor that they have an established relationship with.  Not a walk-in clinic where the staff does not know you, but a doctor with a practice.  

I recommend this because there will inevitably be times that you are WAY sick, and in my experience the doctors that know you can do many helpful things:

1) Call in a prescription for you (hooray!!)
2) Work you in to see the doctor that day (or that minute - no waiting)
3) Know what medications did not work for you in the past or what other situations you have
4) Possibly care about your well-being in the long-term

I assume some of you never get sick -  so whatever (I’m glaring at you right now), but for those that do, or have kids that do, it saves me lots of energy and pain to have an established doctor that I like and trust.

Oh crud – tough talk coming at you now:  Don’t wait until you are sick to find someone though.  

Get recommendations from friends and go in for a wellness check-up to establish yourself as a patient.  I know that sounds like a miserable way to spend an afternoon and a $20 co-pay, so obviously you don’t have to.  But by laying the ground work early, when you get the swine flu, regular flu, pink eye and a bladder infection all at once and while on vacation in San Francisco (raise your hand if you have had it all come at you at the same time before) you will have an immediate resource (a valuable Tired Girl tool). 

Sooooo, if you weren’t tired before, you are now, because that was pretty dull. 

Make sure the doctor you choose isn't a Muppet.

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