Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to think -

Thinking is important for a lot of reasons that you know, so I don't have to tell you. 

But sometimes getting in to a situation where your brain is the perfect mix of relaxed and alert is harder to accomplish than you would first imagine. 
About wine vs hard liquor - or is it just me?

Once it happens a few times you know the value of dedicated thinking time and what can come from it. Everything from major life choices to the subtle adjustments needed to make a project work. 

It's worth the effort. 

Here are a few ideas:
- Shower (classice - everyone knows this one)
- Bed (usually around 2:30 am for me)
- Acupuncture
- After wine has set in (but before crying starts - I've got a small window)
- Driving alone or with someone quiet
- When I am ovulating (just being honest here in case it works for you too)
- Time away (like days and days)
- Church (no offense to the minister/father/speaker)
- Music - the right kind can create that mix of relaxed and engaged
- White noise  (TV blaring) - Makes me nutso but my husband does well with this. 
- Tanning Bed (not recommended for the whole CANCER part)

Times that do not work for me:
- Dedicated time to "sit and think" (bleh)
- Yoga ("This hurts")
- Treadmill  ("This sucks.")
- While drinking hard liquor  ("I like dizzy!")
- Massage (All I think about is the person massaging me.)

I am a morning thinker (different than a morning person I think).  If things aren't working for me past 8 pm (ha haha hahah ha how about 6:30) I know that first thing in the a.m. the solution will usually present itself. For others this happens in the quiet dark of the evening. 

I wrote these words without any research and here is science that backs ME up (bam). The bottom line if you don't want to read all that, is that occasions that create dopamine, or are relaxing, cause creativity. But there is more if you want to read - here. 
Came from Pinterest long time ago.
Looks like was made for children I think.
Could be helpful to adults.

"A brain is a place to have ideas, not a place to store them." Ironically I forgot where I read this or who said it. But it really affected me. 

I went on a quest to buy or create a cool "planner" to help organize myself, and house/channel my ideas.  There are only a million interesting planners out there as proved by my Pinterest feed. I downloaded this (Passion Planner) at one point, but the truth is a blank piece of paper in a spiral notebook works the best for me - I can make lists inside lists, etc. 

Just like eye cream it's less important the how's and what's and more important that you just do it.  Even if tired, you know I am there with you, pay attention to the times where your brain just opens up. 

If you got lost in this quote you aren't alone. I had to read a few times - no judgement dammit. But these words have a valid point. I want to coax my lively brain along.  
Comehere brain!

Anyone have ideas for how to think well?
Does music work for or against you? 

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