Monday, May 9, 2016

Summer shoes -

My feet are not my best feature, on their best day. And on their worst day (feet have bad days after all) I want to cover them up. Blah blah blah I'll cut to the chase. 
I need summer flats. 

If you live anywhere where it isn't sweltering most of the year you probably think the idea of "summer flats" is dumb. But when the heat index and humidity align your surroundings with the inside of your oven, ever scrap of clothing is examined for its worth. Shoes included. 

I haven't been able to pull off ankle boots in any season, so maybe I am just jealous, but a cute sundress and leather ankle boots in Florida for a majority of the year just seems -- reckless. 

Flip flops and open-toed sandals are the way to go for me. But for the few times  I need something that covers up large portions of my feet - I need to be able breathe and look appropriate. 

Am I the only that has this issue I am wondering now?

Here are a few options if you find yourself in the same occasionally mangy-footed boat as me.  
Women's dv Tia Espadrilles in Gold from Target - I recently bought these and I love them. They are squishy supportive on the inside. About $25

 Reef Women's Shaded Summer ES Fashion Sneaker  in Blue Raffia. About $45. Here are some similar ones at Target as well.

The SAK Women's Ella Espadrille in Seafoam Flower Power. About $48.

Tom's Canvas Slip-On in Natural Metallic Burlap - A classic and this texture is really pretty. About $50.

Converse Womens Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker in White. I love this bright white color and stretchy heel.

About $60. Also a classic.

Crocs get a bad rap, but I have some similar to these and I love them.  They are great for a day at an amusement park. You don't get party gravy all over your feet and you can throw them in the washing machine or hose them off when you get home. They are light weight and I think pretty supportive. I like these - 

crocs Women's Kadee Animal Print W Flat. About $20!

Sanuk Women's Fiona Slip-On Shoe in Berry

I love the looks of these. I have never tried on Sanuk's, but I know people love them. This pink color gets me!!
About $50.

Did I miss any cute summer flats that I need to know about? 


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