Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yes to Life -

I recently made turkey meatballs on TV.  In true Tired Girl style I had the great idea to submit a recipe to a syndicated TV show that is filmed here in Tampa - called Daytime.

Ideas are always the easy part. I heart ideas. But then I had to follow through. Follow through is the hard part. I am not so great at follow through.  That basically sums up Tired Girls - first our brains are connecting and excited with ideas for our lives, and then our brains are like: "Oh shit. I have to do something." 

The quick story of how I came to be working innocently from home in my pj's to sticking my hand in raw ground turkey on TV is this: 

- I emailed the show (called Daytime)  when they asked if anyone wanted to share a recipe. 
- Then I over thought my potential four minute cooking spot for about a week. 
- I googled "TV makeup."  I googled "Tips for being on TV."  I reached out to some famous chefs about how not to ruin your life when cooking on TV.  
- I made a bunch of turkey meatballs the day before. 
- I wore a bunch of makeup that day. 
- And then went out to lunch with a friend, when it was over. Because TV personalities lunch (it's a verb)

This post has no tips or suggestions. I am just telling the story because cooking turkey meatballs on TV is a thing.  I will post my life changing Tired Girl Turkey Meatball recipe. I will post the four minute segment of me probably making awkward faces, when it airs. I will also post about "How To Be On TV and Not Melt Down" or some similar title. 

There is nothing normal about this video. But this is what happens when you have to get ready to cook on TV. 
Yes Witch Hazel and Bactine are involved. 

Anyone else out there ever make turkey meatballs on TV? 
Anyone else want to start hashtagging everything #turkeymeatballs, regardless of relevance? 
Anyone ever sign up to do something and then wonder what in the heckfire you were thinking? 


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