Monday, June 6, 2016

BB Cream Review -

The short version is this: I did a bunch of research about BB creams. I chose the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream SPF 20 in Light. I love it. It looks natural, but makes me look more finished. I order two at a time from Amazon.

This is the review from someone else's blog that sold me - read it HERE.
This stuff.

Here is why BB cream could be a good fit for Tired Girls:
1) It is literally one less step - no moisturizer and then makeup - it's just the ONE.
2) you can kind of slather and smoosh it around and somehow it works and blends in and requires minimal exuberance.

So right now you are either thinking - "This stuff only saves one lousy step? Who the hell can't handle moisturizer AND makeup?"

 Or you are thinking "One whole less thing I have to do? Sold." 
If you are the former then you may be in the wrong spot. 

The thing about the BB cream I found though is:

1) It really looks good - better than my other base/foundation makeup.

So steps, expense, availability and slather-ness aside, it really works. 

If you want more to the story or are bored somewhere, here you go:
A few years ago the Lancome base makeup I used was starting to run out. Are you bored already? Me too. I kept buying it not because I necessarily loved it, but it was easier than finding something new. 

But then I got the idea that since I someday I want a beach house I should save money right away and try a drugstore brand of makeup. After much research (like way too much) and much squinting at options in Target, I finally picked something.  

The first day I wore it, I looked up at Joe when he got home that night, and the first thing he literally said to me was "Oh my God, are you okay?  Are you sick?"  

So that stuff went in the trash. 

Undeterred to find something that made me look awesome (and not, ummm, ill)  and would contribute to my beach cottage fund. I started researching BB cream. I had heard a few tepid reviews and Tired Girl Robin gave it a "Meh" when I asked if she'd tried any.

Now that you are double bored I am at the point. I found the lady's review (I posted above) on the internet, tried it the cream she recommended and have never looked back. 

27 million years ago when I considered writing about this topic I asked for opinions on BB cream. And some of you Tired Girls responded (unlike me who would have wanted to help you but wouldn't get around to writing you about my experience). I took a screenshot of all the comments, blurred out names and photos and saved the images.  Somewhere along the line I have misplaced those images. They are on a thumb drive somewhere with other great images of blog posts I plan to write. So thanks in general - you know who you were - who gave me your insight on BB cream way back when.

Any one out there try the Lumene BB Cream? I got a free sample of the CC Cream. It is more coverage which isn't bad, but because of the lightness of the color makes me look a little ghost-like. 

Anyone have any strong opinions on BB Cream in general?

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