Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sexism -

I struggle with sexism. Some of you have already stopped reading this (which means you really struggle with it).  
Just like the post I wrote about not telling people you are angry - no one wants to hear about sexism. Which I find, sexist.  From the subtle (and not so subtle) sexualization of women, to the vague comments that not so much undermine women, but rather give undue credit to men in the same situation, to the well known double standard of words that do not have male versions - slut and bitch for example. 
I don't care about the word bitch or slut frankly - I use them liberally. But I care that they don't exist for men.

Men and women are both guilty of all of it. Sheryl Sanberg talks about her own unwitting sexism in her book Lean In (which I LOVE).  SOMETIMES women are even worse than men. 

Once I hear a sound I can't un-hear it. And I can not un-hear the many ways daily that I witness and experience sexism. Only recently has it gotten my attention in the way it has, and because of this I am also forced to realize how little anyone wants to hear about it or notice as well. 
New Girl may be my Spirit Animal

But I don't care. As I strive for the Good Life it means I get to stand up for the things I think are important. Whether that is having a pretty soap dispenser or saying the word fuck or swooning over a purse or blogging about the idea that women should be listened to and not just looked at. 

I get the rules. I know that women that are more palatable, get more done. I can't change that here and now, and frankly I choose to play by a lot of the rules so I can get things done in my life. 

But it doesn't mean I don't notice and don't care - because I do and I do. 

I don't have a solution (obvi - if I did I'd be big time), but I'm watching you sexism. I've got my eyes on you. I let a lot of things in life go and you are not one of them.

As usual I deal with this topic with humor. 

I might do this, but I don't like it! The first step is admitting I have a problem.

I can't verify she said this. Just because its written next to her face. But I do like this. 

If you want one more nugget about this:

I recently came across a "woman's leadership conference" that had THE MOST HEINOUS titled breakout sessions. 
"Matching your shoes to your purse! Ways to Keep your Thoughts and Actions in Line" Or some crap - like just awful. Or like: 
"Spa Day! How to relax AND get things done!"  Or:
"Great Shoes Equal Great Strides" Gag.

As if women wouldn't just want to hear about these topics without such horribly condescending titles. Anywhoooo.

Whats your most favorite sexist thing?  Listening to men talk about women's uterus's? Hearing some sweet guy say something unbelievable sexist when you know he doesn't even have a clue.


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