Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Frownies review -

I was recently introduced to "Frownies" - little thingies that you stick on your face to fix the wrinkles. 

While having casual girl-talk at a party, the ladies I was with discussed THAT ONE wrinkle on our forehead. We all had it, we all showed each other our particular wrinkle and we all discussed our options.  THEN some do-gooder waltzed by, and said "Yall need to try Frownies."  And presumably went about the party being wrinkle-free. 


I eventually googled Frownies, watched some people on youtube apply them, and made my way to Amazon. For $14 (the price has sky-rocketed to $18 now)  this face-lift in a box could arrive at my house.  On Amazon they have 4 stars and 600+ reviews - those are good stats for a beauty product. 

So after months of both diligent and haphazard use here is the review:

They work in the exact same way that shaving your legs removes hair. 

After shaving, you are hairless, and in a few hours or days the hair starts to grow back and you must shave again. It is not permanent hair-removal.

When you wear a Frownie for more than a few hours the wrinkle is gone/better/less noticeable and after a few hours or days the wrinkle is back. The wrinkle is not permanently fixed.

The more often you shave the less hair growth you notice because you may just shave every day in the shower. 

If you wear a Frownie on a wrinkle every night you won't notice the wrinkle as much. 

As if you need the arrow.
The real story here is that I am more interested in my Bloody Mary
than my wrinkles - which is the right interest to have.

But... no razor and no Frownie and you are hairy and wrinkly in no time.  There are worse things of course, but it sounds bad. 

Just to be-labor this analogy a bit more - just because shaving isn't permanent doesn't mean we don't bother.  We still do it.  And that being said I am on my second box of Frownies.  

As a Tired Girl my getting ready for bed ritual has steps that are not an every-night necessity, and Frownies are one of them, but when I do use them my stupid forehead wrinkle is less noticeable to me.  

So in the end, Frownies get the Tired Girl ranking of: YES. 

I buy mine on Amazon, but I have seen them at Stein-Mart as well for the same price. I also skipped the rose-water spray and use tap water. I have not tried the reusable gel type pads that are more pricey. Anyone tried those?  

Ofcourse it is who we are on the INSIDE that's important and how we treat others, etc etc. But sticking a thing on your forehead some nights isn't going to hurt anyone.  

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  1. I haven't tried Frownies, but would probably need an entire box each night! LOL....I'm old and didn't get started in time. Go for it!


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