Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Leggings -

I once wrote an enlightened post called "Jeans Make An Outfit."  And though I still believe in what I wrote, I have come to the conclusion that LEGGINGS also make an outfit. 
I like the simplicity of this outfit and the roominess of the tank.
Found it on Pinterest/Polyvore -
but don't get excited this tank is $119 (!!!!!). Dumb.  

In my new town of Tampa it is the style to go around everywhere, all day, all places, in workout clothes.  Men, women, kids, dogs - doesn't matter.  It's appropriate (like at nice restaurants and on dates and just everywhere). I am not sure if everyone actually has or will work out in the clothes they are wearing, but I don't care - I like it. 

It is no secret that if you want to not shower, not do your hair, not put on makeup and go out in to the world (basically a normal Tired Girl day), the trick is to put on workout clothes. Somehow it matches and actually compliments such an unkempt head.  Stay-at-home moms of new babies mastered this years ago.  

What I have discovered for Tired Girls (really just me) is this:

1) If I put workout clothes on (specifically leggings) I have an increased the likelihood that I will actually workout by a whopping 87%. (I am already dressed for it, I might as well run around a little).

2) If I put on workout clothes (again with the leggings) I am 60% more productive through out the day. 

3) The days I wear leggings all day I am infinitely less comfortable than I am in jeans or other hang out clothes, but am comforted that my messed up hair and makeup-less face seems suitable anywhere I want to go. I am less "slobby" and more "active"!  Hooray!

My favorite leggings are the 90 Degree by Relex from Amazon or Marshall's  (same price both places). I have a couple of the Danskin brand from Wal-Mart, but don't love them.  

Target - in my opinion has some of the best workout clothes, but they are not as cheap as Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  This is one of my favorite shirts from TargetIt's forgiving of body bumps believe it or not and is moisture-wicking.

Everyone gets all hot and bothered when people where "leggings as pants."  And to that I roll my eyes, because I am tired and don't have the energy to really address something so dumb. 
Oh wait I did address it afterall.

I like this basic outfit. If you want to go all
non-workouty with the leggings.
I think leggings - as pants, workout clothes, replacement for shaving legs, or daily staple is a fabulous tool for Tired Girls. Find a brand you love and buy a bunch (obviously - as we hate laundry).
Ha ha ha ha ha - just kidding. Screw you photo.

My next step is to find  workout shorts that are decent - and don't look like a huge intertube around my toosh.  It's hot as crud in Florida and I need a warm weather option. These are kind of cute maybe. 
These are Under Armour and come in lots of cute colors.

 Anyone else think leggings are perfect for Tired Girls? Anyone think they are the worst thing ever (keep it to yourself for goodness sake).  Anyone have a warm weather option? 


  1. I've ordered some of the full length styles but the 22 inch is my favorite. As far as I can tell they are not see through, the space grey seemed a bit thinner fabric so I was concerned those may be a bit see through. But these mesh leggings seemed okay.

  2. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. one legging store


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