Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tricking the Universe -

I like to do something I call "tricking the Universe." It's something that makes this Tired Girl feel powerful. It can, at the most, solve problems, and, at the least, make us happier. 

These are all ways I may have tried to trick the universe - more commonly referred to as creating a "win - win" situation.

Do you want to get pregnant? Then apply for, and accept, a new job that takes up tons of energy and time, has a lot of earning and growth potential, you enjoy,  and would be actually sort of inconvenient if you were pregs. 
a) you are distracted and got pregnant (fine with me) or 
b) you don't get preg, but you have moved on and are enriching your career options (fine with me).

Do you want your house to sell? Then totally redo your closet - even spend money on organizational pieces. 
 a) you wasted your time and money by re-doing your closet, because you immediately sold your house (fine with me) or 
b) you still lived there another thirteen months and enjoyed every moment of your beautiful and organized closet (fine with me).

Do you want to lose weight? Then buy five pairs of your favorite shorts in your current "big" size.  
These are NOT my favorite shorts, but they are close.
My faves are the previous season's version that
were in junior sizes (7,9,11 instead of 6,8,10).
Junior sizes were created for junior bodies (no curves) and
therefore in a big size just sat on my hips and didn't
hug my badonkadonk. Also the short inseam is counter-intuitive
for more weight, but it works better.
 a) your exercise and eating plan will start working and you will lose weight and waste that money (fine with me) or 
b) it will take you a while to drop the weight and you will feel cute and good about yourself in the meantime (fine with me).

In truth I may or may not have tried some of these tricks and in truth my other house is not sold and I did not get pregnant AND I have not lost much weight, but whatever. I have a good job and shorts that fit - things could be worse. 

Some people may think this is getting distracted from the end goal, and that's their business. 

But for this Tired Girl this strategy feels deeply good. There have been times in my life where I have felt "stuck" - just typing the word makes me wince. When I got to finally take action I was infinitely better - no matter what the action really was.

Tricking the universe takes out the debilitating, nauseating, in-action - the stuckness. No reason to not move forward with things. Big shorts or skinny shorts.  Job or no job - just move ahead and it will be a win-win. 

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