Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Best Nude Heels -

Someone has googled "nude woman in heels" and landed on this page by accident.  So, my apologies, nudey-picture searchers - you are not in the right place.

For the rest of you, I have found some great (maybe the best) nude-colored patent heels.

 I wish I had bought these as soon as I took my current job, where I dress up like a grown-up and fly around the U.S. being a grown-up business style person. (Grown-ups totally use the word "grown-up" and "business style person," obviously - because I am one and I am using these words).
I'll talk about the grippy
bottom in a second
Instead though  I wasted time buying other pairs of shoes, when these work for every single professional outfit and every occasion.

The beauty in the nude pump is this:  Navy dress? Grey suit? Green dress? Black suit? Going out clothes? Cocktail dress?  Nude works. 

It elongates the leg, looks good with every color, looks nice poking out underneath dress pants - even ankle pants - if done well.

These heels could work for you if you:

 - often or occasionally have to wear heels

 - don't hate yourself enough to wear fucking four-inch thingys

 - like yourself enough to look stylish, fashion forward, and feminine

 - don't want to look like a stripper (no offense strippers)

 - want to channel your inner Amal Clooney and not your inner Snooky

 - like to walk like a normal human woman and not like a robot learning to walk for the first time

 - have an interest in feeling your feet

 - don't want to look like you are wearing "comfort" shoes (gag).

Tah -Dah!!! Gianni Bini Becca - These have a 3.4 inch covered heel - which is the perfect height in my opinion. Legs looks nice but not like a crazy person perched on top of skyscrapers.
Stats:  Gianni Bini - 3.4 inch heel - Grippy Bottom - $60 - 5 stars on

The Gianni Bini Becca Pumps are just crazy comfortable for me - like run through the airport type comfort. Or stand around forever perfecting your "I'm smart" look. The key to me is the "lightly padded insole" and the "grippy bottom" (I made up the term grippy bottom, because they don't even mention it on most of the descriptions. 

There a trillion nude patent pumps/wedges out there.  So here are a few other nude pumps that look like they have potential - if you want to totally ignore my original recommendation and strike out on your own. Whatever.
Nine West - 3 inch heel - Little Bit Grippy Bottom - $65 - 4/5 stars Amazon
Jessica Simpson - 3.75 inch heel - Grippy Bottom - $50 - 4/5 stars Amazon
Gianna Bini Snake - 3.4 inch heel - Grippy Bottom - $60 - 5/5 stars on
Comfort Plus - 3 inch heel - can't tell about if grippy bottom or not - $25 - 4.5/5 stars Amazon
(I have never heard of this brand)
Ivanka Trump - 3.5 inch heel - No Grippy Bottom - $55 - 5/5 stars Amazon
(but only 2 reviews)

Kate Spade - 3 inch heel - No Grippy Bottom - $300 - 4/5 stars Amazon
Cole Haan Wedge - 1.5 in. heel - Grippy Bottom - Price Varies - 4/5 Stars Amazon
Also not a heel, but points for low heel and high gloss patent. A good option.

Rockport Wedge - 2in. heel - Grippy Bottom - 4.5/Stars on Amazon
Not a heel and not "patent" (which I think is important), but made the list for overall style combined with a low heel and a brand known for comfort.

Life Stride Parigi Patent Pump - 2.5 in heel - Grippy Bottom - $40 - 4/5 Stars on DSW
I bought this shoe and almost kept it. It is incredibly comfortable - like wearing socks. But I didn't feel overly cute in them, so they went back. This style come sin lots of colors, make sure you get the "patent" style to pull off the nude patent look and not the old lady "bone colored" look. No offense to the bone colored shoes out there. 

One last word about nude patent heels - if you are still here.  1) Patent is stiff so even "good" shoes can be uncomfortable, that's why it's important to really look for comfy versions. 2) If there is a place to skimp on yourself it would not be shoes. Quality shoes make a big difference, suck it up and don't be pulled in by cheap shit.

I may have a small Amal Clooney problem. I love her style.

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