Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My office -

Lately my brain does not work. One of my problems typically, as a Tired Girl, is that my brain works great,  (it is constantly turning and thinking)  it's just that my body can't keep up.  The ideas come in faster than can be dealt with. But recently that is not the case. I am not in hermit-mode. It just seems my creativity is taking a nap. 

In the meantime I have been taking photographs until the words in my head come back. One of my favorite things about the internet and blogs is the ability to spy on people. Just being honest here.

So I took photos of my office to share in case you feel like looking at someone's house (mine!). This is not to say that this room is beautiful or horrible - "aren't I clever" or "aren't I a cool slob who doesn't care" - not that kind of thing - but just more to show you around.

My disclaimer is this - I TAUGHT CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY.  I KNOW that you are not supposed to face a window when you snap a shot. But I just couldn't get it to work any other way. Lighting and I don't get a long well anyway. Please excuse the heinous lighting in every photo. 

Hello Miss Lady office. In true fashion/decor blog form I will tell where stuff is from in the other photos.

My easel - where I hardly ever paint anymore (thanks a lot real life). It's currently holding a white board where I write the word "laundry" after I do it each day. My goal is to have it written it 5-6 times in a week AND don't look too close or you'll see that it is written NEVER on this board when I happened to take the photo. Also on the easel is a painting my parents gave me for Christmas that I love and that made us all cry Christmas morning when I opened it and read the words in the painting aloud. 

 The window fabric was just staple gunned (by me) on top of the other window coverings that came in this room  - I like this fabric better. It was a remnant as well - It is "Dwell Studio Mazescene taupe" fabric.  Easel is from Michael's.

We bought our home furnished - as it was the "model home" for the neighborhood. Most of the furnishings in this room were moved out, but the long striped pillow and the two pieces of artwork of poppies stayed. Even though I am a novice art collector and prefer original art, I love these poppies.
Matelasse set is from Marshall's years ago, euro pillows are Tommy Hilfiger from ebay, ikat pillow is PB teen, houndstooth fabric is just a remnant from Joann's, my chair is from Ikea. Headboard is Potterybarn.
Teddy man saw all the fun I was having in this clean room and decided it would be a perfect time to make the bed his nest by messing it all up. It's one of his favorite office activities.  Look at those tired eyes. 
He promptly drug a couple of more pillows around and fell asleep.  He is my favorite thing about any room though.  Teddy's collar is from Target.

Moving on around the room - I started the blue and white picture for a friend of mine and long story short it didn't progress and another theme was selected and maybe will someday be finished as well.  The chair came with the house but I half-ass recovered it - don't look at the back of it or either of the sides - re-upholstery as a hobby is not in my future. I spray painted the sewing table white - years ago before they had good spray paint - and it doesn't look that great. 
My other poppy picture. I am afraid of real-life butterflies, but like fake ones. We saw this butterfly garland while in San Francisco and Joe got them for me for Christmas one year. They make charming little tapping sounds against the wall.  Next to the chair is a basket of craft hodge-podge (Teddy loves to pick out the perfect paintbrush to chew on), and a huge roll of white paper from Sam's Club. My sewing machine is stowed behind the chair. I pack this place full!! 

My desk.

My bulletin board. It's a big cardboard box, flattened and taped up to be smooth, covered in a curtain from the old house. Joe bolted this baby to the wall.

One of my very favorite tear-off calendar pages - framed.
Cracks me up every time I read it.

Everybody knows I love Paris. And what says Paris more than a little pillow thingy that I bought in Savannah and hangs from the closet door? Oui!

Canvases stacked - painted and blank

My HORRIBLE closet that I am only sharing, because you can't just show the neat parts if you are really going to show something.  In preparation for our move I pulled everything out a few weeks ago and eliminated some stuff and then ran out of time and crammed it all back in. Bleh. 

Wrapping paper in a wine cooler, I mostly just like the patterns.  

Shoes behind the door.  I really know how to weave the intrigue in to this post.

My dad made me this desk and I painted it. I love it. Perfect for work, sewing or big craft/paint projects.  This is under my desk - often Teddy's headquarters. Also old magazines I like to hold on to and some ankle weights. 

I happen to love love love this room.  Every corner I look in I see something that I like or have chosen or was given. It is a sanctuary to me where I also get to work everyday and used to get to listen to Ralphie snore sweetly behind me on the bed and now get to listen to Teddy breathe sweetly on my feet (he is not a snorer) underneath my desk. 


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