Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dog Park Chic -

I have come across a few fashion bloggers who photograph themselves wearing amazing* outfits. I also follow a group on Instagram called "LikeToKnowIt" - if you like the photo posted, they email you the details of the outfit - brands and such. You won't be surprised to learn that these outfits are over the top for the most part, very un-Tired Girl, but super fun nonetheless -like the website I love called Southern Charm - just pure eye candy. Just going to get that link right now I lost seven minutes. 

Though I love looking at the photos and wondering about the lives these women lead I am forced to examine my own fashion in the process.  

So I have put together a photo journal of outfits I have worn over the last three months - since getting Teddy the dog. I call this "Dog Park Chic."  To be honest I don't like the dog park (just too many variables and personalities) and once we found a few other strategies for keeping him engaged and busy I quickly abandoned the dog park. But my clothes still reflect the puppy life I am leading and the 27 walks we take a day.  

I do not think you will wonder about my croc shoes or pajama pants but in the true spirit of a a fashion blog I have detailed every aspect of these "outfits." 

Just to draw a comparison - these are the beautiful ensembles that make up possible non-Tired Girls' lives. I wear similar things sometimes but just barely and not really. These are the images I scroll through on Instagram, while I am wearing outfits you are about to witness. Source 1 and 2 

Not me. Not that anyone would confuse me with this.  Source

Welcome to the Tired Girl Presents... Dog Park Chic:

Pajama Pants by Tart (Marshall's). Crocs - a gift from my mom - ha.
Actually Crocs by Crocs.

Jeans by Joe's Jeans, striped shirt by Chelsea and Theodore (Marshall's), Grey sweatshirt from Hanes at Target, Crocs by Crocs. 

Sometimes one shoe disappears when you have a puppy.
Yet a different pair of Crocs, same jeans by Joe Jeans, Jacket by INC. 

Boots by Bogs (gift from MIL), same Joe Jeans, same stripe shirt
( I think I wore this shirt for about a week or three).

Casio watch, Easy Spirit Riptide shoes, shorts by Mossimo at Target,
runners belt by Marika  (to house cell phone and waste bags and just to look extra bulky and a little dorky) don't remember what shirt this is. Sweet face by Teddy man.

Hello again Crocs, jean shorts by Mossimo,
I slept in this shirt that day - T-shirt from sorority function in college.

Different pair of jeans by Joe Jeans, top by Mossimo.
Don't even have toe nail polish on here - sometimes those toenails have to breathe. 

Shoes by Saucony, shorts by Mossimo, top by Mossimo.

I would really love to see your Tired Girl Dog Park Chic (or kid park or  grocery store or whatever) fashion.  Please email me at - or upload directly to Facebook

*unrealistic and very pretty


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