Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tired in Advance -

Sometimes I get tired in advance. I look at the tasks and activities ahead of me for the next week and when I am unable to see any downtime, my body and brain rebel. I get tired in advance of everything coming my way. 

The worst for me was when I worked at a school (not in my pjs at my house) and I had something to attend each night of the week. I would panic (very quietly and in a non-panicky way) when I didn't see an evening to veg, or catch up on laundry, or go to bed early. 

Apparently acting like a vegetable and vegging out is a non-negotiable to my life. I did get better at lovingly say no to weeknight activities. If a week was especially rigorous I would have to carve out some moments on the weekend, and I would have to know I had that time available to look forward to. But sometimes activities and time frames don't align and I have to keep going.

If any non Tired Girls are reading this you have no idea what I mean and you think I stink. 
I read your non-tired facebook updates detailing the activities that have unfolded on a typical weekend and I am both horrified and jealous at the list of accomplishments. 

"Back from the mall, now we're heading to Lindsey's soccer game, then to celebrate Meemaws birthday at Seaworld and then I finally get to try out my recipe for organic red velvet cake to bring to brunch with the girls tomorrow." 

My status in comparison would read: "Back from the mall."

The bottom line is I need downtime and if I foresee a week where it may not happen, my knees go all jiggly and I have to tell myself to get my shit together.

Here is a quote from Tired Girl Michelle on this topic:
I find that with a lot of things, I hate the THOUGHT of what I have to do more than the actual doing it.  I hate having things to do in a week besides work. I was, for example, dreading this week b/c tonight I had *** with some *** tomorrow I have a *** *** at 7:30am, and then THursday is a *** mtg.  It all will work out, just like every week when I have something to do, but I just hate thinking about do anything other than my normal routine. 

I put stars up to protect her activities. Well put Tired Girl Michelle.  And I agree.  

some Tired Girl hyperbole for you

IF you are bored with other activities and want to keep reading - here is my last thought -
One weekend in college my roommate Lacey and I went to Vanderbilt for the weekend to see smart friends that attended Vandy (me) and to check out the med school (all her). While there I got to visit with one of the more ambitious and productive people I have ever known. He was amazing in high school and once in college at Vandy was practically running the place. He looked slightly disheveled and I asked if he had been sleeping. He literally said to me  " It's okay I'll sleep in a couple of weeks, over the break."  I explained that is not how sleep works and he was unimpressed with the idea of daily breaks for the body and mind. I survive with the knowledge that I will get to take a break any minute - not the other way around.


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