Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just thinking about projects -

My brain doesn't know I am tired.  
True train of thought some of you may relate to - As I headed to checkout at Target (a few months back) I saw all the cute little girl spring clothes on display - and this is what happened to my brain:

- A wwwww spring girl clothes!
- Who can I buy for?
- My neices!!
- Is this stuff really that cute?
- That shirt is cute but they don't have it in either size.
- Maybe I should make my own cutesy shirts for them.
- I bet they make great clothing paint these days.
- I  will paint watercoloresque hearts on shirts for Valentine's, but do it in cool colors so the shirt can be more versatile for them.
- I wonder if they have watercolor paint for shirts.

AND THEN I remember that I have a full time job, a new puppy, clothes waiting in the drier for me at home and I have no idea how to paint on fabric these days (puff paint from the 90's doesn't count) and even if I felt like experimenting it wouldn't necessarily be gift-worthy and realistically I wouldn't get it done in time to get to Australia (where they live) for Valentine's Day (maybe for NEXT year - ha!).  And so I give up and go home, but for those two minutes in the store that I created sequined watercolored one of a kind shirts for my neices it was almost like I actually did the project. And therefore like I enjoyed it even without making it. 

One of the more recent "I Did It" images
 - a laundry room redo - I love pretty laundry rooms.
Sometimes just day dreaming about projects is enough for me.  In a few weeks when I look at my (long and mostly dream worthy) project list I will add - fabric paint shirts - to the bottom.

I have sewing projects un-sewn, room redos un-redone, books partially written, hair-dos untried, and especially blog posts that just live in my brain and not on my blog.  HALF of the enjoyment of this blog is simply thinking about it.  I think half of my life in general is spent thinking about stuff.  If I never acted on any of it it would be a travesty but I do so it's not, but in the meantime thinking (in the car, in a boring meeting, on one of my 27 walks with Teddy around the block or one of my acupuncture treatments) is a joy in my life. 

One of my favorite features in the Better Homes and Garden magazine that I take is the "I Did It" section on the very last page. Years ago there was a woman that was detailing her project and basically she said this: 2 hours to shop for fabric, $32 spent on fabric, 3 total yards of fabric purchased, 5 hours to sew it and 120 hours to plan it all.  The hours thinking were the most fun part.

For a Tired Girl the joy can be in the thinking, since it takes a while to get to the moving.  


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