Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Being new -

After living in our previous town for almost eleven years we have moved to the big city. Things are different here. The lemonade is "sexy." People honk at me at least once a day because I don't gun my car in front of a Mack truck, and consequently we (me and the honker) miss the light and have to wait for 36,000 years until our turn comes again. Things are more expensive. The Wal-Mart is laid out all kinds of different. But we also see the storms roll in off Tampa Bay. We have tons of shopping and restaurants. We are closer to family. We have Bay News 9. 

Being new is tricky on the brain. I have lost three important things in the last three days. My house has been downsized and yet it still seems hard to keep clean. Who wants to clean after being honked at all day? I get lost pretty much everyday at some point while driving (I actually know where I am - it's just not where I want to be). 

I want to wear a sign that says "I'm New!" all the time.  I look at the people in Target and Wal-Mart and Publix and PetSupermarket and everywhere and:

1. Know that I won't know anyone.  
2. Never forget that I am someplace different.

It is both lonely and fun. 

We still sit outside and drink beer at pubs though.
The mirrors in our rental house make me look younger, but the light switches that don't belong to anything make me feel old. And in my opinion that perfectly sums up moving. Both wonderful and hard. So tonight this Tired Girl is both Tired and Thrilled.

What makes you feel this way?

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