Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hermit-mode - it's a thing -

Though I am mostly a people person, I occasionally go in to hermit-mode.  Hermit-mode is what it sounds like - I retreat in to my shell - hermit style. I practically envision myself pulling all my little hermit crab limbs inward and closing my hermit crab shell door.  Click.  

For a few weeks or more emails and phone calls go un-answered.  Parties unattended. 
Make-up un-worn. Facebook status updates un-typed and un-"liked." And apparently blog posts unwritten.

I am not sad and not more tired than usual, this is not a depression, just a total decompression. It is not conscious until I'm in the throes of it, and then I realize it is happening, and then I settle in.  And frankly I highly recommend it.

For me it typically occurs over the summer. When I taught at a regular school I would shut down for a few weeks over the summer knowing I would be fully rested when school started. Now that I teach from home, summer is my busiest time for work, but a hermit-style attitude still works for me. 

I have a friend that goes in to hermit-mode after Christmas - her January is spent all closed up.

I wish that "hermit-mode" was a real thing though.  It's all about me and no one else and so I don't want people's feelings hurt when I don't acknowledge them for weeks at a time.  I wish I could change my facebook setting to "Hermit-Mode."

I wish I could type people these few words and have it mean something:  

"Dear Friend, Hermit-mode, love The Tired Girl."

And they would say "Oh sure, sure she's in hermit-mode, of course." 

The loss of my beloved dog has simply made this year’s hermit-mode more pronounced, possibly longer and with decidedly more crying involved than a usual season.

I borrowed this sign from some one the internet, then edited it to read my words.
So I did not take this photo - I just edited the heck out of it.

I would assume that most Tired Girls and maybe even some not-so-tired girls go in to this, as it is a feeling independent of being a Tired Girl.

Does anyone have a more charming name for it than hermit-mode?

Does anyone have favorite hermit-type activities they enjoy when in this frame of mind? Hermits watch movies, right?

Does anyone do it regularly – planned or not – the way I do?

Does anyone mind that I am incredibly uninteresting tonight – my hermitness has affected my brain.  

This is apparently a book. I love the idea of setting up a "crabitat," but that would entail planning, movement, thinking and being actively engaged - all of which are not parts of hermit-mode.


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  3. Charming you say...
    Cocoon-mode? Hibernate-mode? Haha

    It happens unexpectedly Tired girl. It has it's season. And when it does come just embrace it. We need this in order for us to reboot and heal ourselves.

    Recommend activities... Art Crafts.
    I do painting, scrap booking, journaling. And If you are lazy to move download some cool music or games that you prefer.


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