Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best eyeliner ever -

Eyeliner damn it.  I am so stinking sad about the loss of my sweet dog, and it feels forced to do anything besides slump around and be morose, but I am pushing myself to just be a Tired Girl and not a Sad Girl so I am going to tell you about the best eyeliner ever.

I have had a long, hateful relationship with eyeliner.  It is one makeup that I actually use all the time. If it is a day that I wear makeup then eyeliner is involved - just a little, and I feel human and feminine.  

My problem has been finding one that stays on until I want it to come off. I have tried more that don't do this, than do.  "Raccoon eyes", "smudged all over", "completely gone in an hour", or "permanent marker" seem to be my eyeliner-look choices until now.  

I have emailed girl friends to see what they use and if they like it, I have stopped co-workers in the hall and women I don't know to find out what they were wearing.  The consensus has been this, basically:  This is what I use and I don't really like it, because of this and this and this reason.  Many women I have asked don't wear it at all because they haven't had luck with it and it looks worse than nothing, so they skip it.

Eyeliner is a non-negotiable to me, so I have pursued.  I recently ordered Bobbi Brown's Longwear Gel Eyeliner after watching her use it on QVC one evening.  But before it arrived I grabbed a new eyeliner at Target that I had never seen before, and I was hooked.  

I borrowed this photo from the awesome
 Covergirl's "Ink it! Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner" ($5.99 ish) has really worked for me - I am pleased to say that I love it!!

It does this weird thing where I put it on, it looks good, it stays on all day and at night it almost completely comes off while I wash my face, and the rest is easily wiped off with my eye makeup remover. I hear harp music - do you? 

I conducted a non-scientific experiment.  I put this eyeliner on (in the chocolate color) one morning, then took lots of awkward photos of my eyes, and then took more photos of my eyes late that night to show you the difference.  I should have just photographed my whole face so you could see the overall effect, but whatever.  I also drew a line on my hand for you to see the look up close, then wore the line around all day to show the wear. 

Here are a some photos of stuff.  

Not the best representation, but you get the idea.  You can tell - I hope - that the eyeliner
wore off a little and is the teeniest bit smudged by the time I went to wash my face before bed.
Not bad though.

Here is a photo I took of myself, experimenting with the aquamarine and black eyeliner.  Boy, was Joe surprised when he got home that evening.  Not really - this is a stock photo of the product.

Again, not very scientific. I drew this line with the chocolate eyeliner on my hand. I obviously washed my hands a lot throughout the day and don't generally wash my eyes several times a day, but I actually think this is a pretty accurate representation.  The area where it is still dark is where I went over it twice. I like that there is still some left, but not a lot and that it's not smudged.

If any one has an eyeliner they love, then I would love to know what it is, for backup.  

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