Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Red and Pink trend and looking at pretty stuff -

I read all the Twilight books and couldn't wait for each movie to come out. I'm Team Edward. I loved the books not because I actually have anything to do with being in love with a vampire or being crazy awkward in high school or also having werewolves protect me, but I like to read about people falling in love.  Then the movies allowed me to watch characters I liked in a book, be played by beautiful people, and then act out said book. I like to look at beautiful people falling in love. I also like to look at house magazines and admire a kitchen that is very different (and cleaner) than my own, and peruse the style section of the New York Times and wonder where I would wear those super high heels if I owned them. 

Sometimes it's just fun to observe.

There is a new trend that I am enjoying observing and unless I locate pajamas that fit this description I may never wear it. It is simply the style of wearing RED and PINK together. Who knew?  Not me, but I love it.

Here are a bunch bunch of beautiful people doing it - 
I took this montage from a fun site - this site that is targeted at younger girls - source

And this pretty dress is discussed on this site - source2

And all of these came from another fun site - source3.  I especially love the top left photo of the girl with the clutch - she has a Kendri Everyday type blog, but more high fashion and I can't think of her name.  If you know it write me so I can acknowledge her as well.

I would have happily added links to glamour mag articles about this trend and other time-wasters, but all the articles were super lame, so never mind.  You can google "red and pink" if you feel like it and see what I mean, or share if you find a worthwhile tidbit. 

I prefer the big, bold statements, like the ones I have shown here - rather than a dress with simply a red and pink combined motif.  I like the gutsiness of red pants and a hot pink shirt.  Yeah! Take that world!

It would be really fun if you Tired Girls emailed me your Tired Girl version of this trend.  I have added a photo of pajama pants (also known as "work pants" in these parts) in pink and red - but they are not as edgy as what Sarah Jessica Parker has going on.  It's okay though - like I said, sometimes it's just fun to observe, and that may be where I find myself with this trend.  Just watching for it from the comfort of my sofa.

The point of this is not to create my own look, but I am sharing my Tired Girl version anyway.  

If you have a Tired Girl version of the Red and Pink trend please post it on my FB page, tweet it to @thetiredgirl or email it to me at

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