Sunday, October 18, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe -

When I gained weight (over the past few years) my closet became obsolete. Nothing fit, save like two pairs of jeans and a few tops.  Things fit, but not the way they were supposed to. (Think 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag.)

Then, my Tired Girl bestie Vanessa asked me, out of the blue (not knowing my chubby woes), if I'd heard of "Capsule Wardrobes." 
There is a very real chance I will
be wearing one or all of these
items at any one time, right Joe?

One google search later and I was sold.  
I read a few blog posts about it all, but this was my favorite - she tells what, why, how, etc.:  UNFANCY

The take-away is this: 

- Limit your current (this season's) wardrobe (excluding pj's, workout clothes, and dressy-dress) to 20-40 pieces. 

- Pick the things you love, are in the current season, and fit your body right now.  

- Donate/sell the pieces you know you don't want, store other season clothes somewhere else (way back of the closet, guest room closet, under the bed, etc.) 

A Pinterest search will give you more inspiration then you need.  

When I thought about it I realized, I already lived in a capsule - wearing the same few things over and over and feeling guilty looking at other clothing that I didn't like or didn't fit.

Though I felt forced in to a capsule wardrobe, because of my annoying weight gain, I was quickly hooked.  

An outfit I would wear out in the
 evening practically year-round
in Florida.  These jeans and my
black tees work for my curvier
 body. Wish my body was as long
and lean as this pic implies.
I have yet to lose the weight I would like to, and so when I am back to the size that matches the bulk of the clothes I own (hidden in the guest closet), I may go crazy for awhile wearing everything. But in the meantime it's super easy to just wear my handful of clothes.  

Some words about MY actual style, if you have nothing else to do:

I have truly embraced very simple clothing. With my current heavier body I just feel better in simple things that fit/fall just right - when I find them I buy a few and only wear them (hence the capsule thing).

I am most comfortable in the simple, meaningful pieces of jewelry that I wear all the time as well, and have a few fun pieces I mix in sometimes. 

If I am going out to be with humans that I know in a small setting, the goal is clean/simple hair and well done/simple makeup.

My goal otherwise is to not be offensive, and to be the most comfortable I can be in regular clothes.  What a goal!

Hot pink, navy and white stripes, and leopard are my patterns/colors of choice to add to my plain pieces. 
Notice a pattern here (no pun intended)?
1. Vionic flip flops in Leopard (great support - the navy patent ones are pretty too)
2. Tory Burch Miller Sandal in Sand Patent 
3. XOXO Sneaker (mine are G by Guess brand, but canvas like these) 
4. Frye Boots (mine are Kenneth Cole and no longer avail) - I love the greige color.
5. Ugg boots Classic Short in Chestnut 
6. Steve Madden Elusionl leopard flats  
7. Tory Burch Reva Flats in Royal Tan BUT looks like they aren't avail any longer - these are similar and look pretty comfy.

These are the MVP's in my closet. If I am out in public I probably have one of these on.  I love to look at shoes, but in reality once I buy a few pairs that I really love I just want to wear those over and over.
Obviously I have a style here - I like camel and nude colored shoes with every color clothing - even black. I also love leopard with any color clothing. Plus since I dress so plain for the most part a leopard or camel colored shoe always works. My boots are similar to the ones above - I paid $40 at Marshall's years ago for them and I love the greige color and how comfortable they are. 
This creation is entitled "Every Day Fall."I am a regular Polyvore poet.

My last idea to share about capsule wardrobing is this:  If you create a free account on Polyvore you can find pieces of clothing that look like items you own. Then "like" them to save them in your "items", and then you can "create" a million outfits with your capsule wardrobe if you want.  My stuff is so basic it seems dumb to spend the energy putting a blue shirt with tan shorts and then a blue shirt with WHITE shorts - oh wow - watch out world!  But surprisingly this is super fun and major way to watch the hours disappear before your eyes.  

Here are my awe-inspiring outfits from Polyvore - Tired Girl on Polyvore.

Anyone else try Capsule Wardrobing?Thoughts? Hate it? Love it? 

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