Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bikinis and Skinny Jeans -

 This could be the shortest post ever - here it is: just because something is in style doesn't mean it works for you. Skinny jeans and bikinis, I am specifically looking at you right now. That could be the whole post and you would get it.

But here is more anyway:
Skinny jeans look like crap on me. So they may be in style, but they aren't in the right style for my bod. Bootcut/flare is where it's at for me. I have a bedunkadunk and I need a line that goes out away from my booty instead of in towards my feet. Weighing the same amount I look skinnier and taller in full length flare jeans.  These are my two all time favorites.
Here I am just being six-foot tall and not wearing a shirt.
1. Paige Skyline Bootcut in Valor - I wear size 30
2. Joe's Jeans Provocateur Bootcut (I have a few colors)
Also I buy expensive jeans and have them professionally taken
 up because they look better and I wear them everyday so it's justified.
I don't think I am alone in my inability to flawlessly pull off skinny jeans. This chick on Buzzfeed agrees  here.

Now bikinis it's your turn to get it: This summer I was at a big pool at a resort and while all the moms and dads made sure their children were a) not drowning and b) be sweet to their cousins, I was able to slide my sunglasses over my eyes and people-watch for hours. Here is what my research (staring) discovered.  

There were a lot of moms out there with perfectly good and fit bodies. Not amazeballs 17-year-old bodies, but nothing to be ashamed of here folks bodies. BUT what I discovered was that many many of the moms I saw were wearing bikinis.  And even though they looked fine in a bikini they would have looked really great in a tankini or one piece.

For a lot of people skinny jeans and bikinis
are there ideal style. 
For me, the right tankini  can scoop, smooth, push up and push down in all the right places and be more flattering for this body I have right now.

For me the right sleeping bag covers up all of my bumps with a cozy "all over puffy" look and accentuates my eyes, but that is less feasible in getting around. So tankinis and flare jeans it is. 

The problem with skinny jeans and bikinis is that we (women) are told (through the universe) that these are things we should wear, or be able to wear, or are better if we wear them. We feel like we are "giving up" if we no longer master certain styles.  And I think that's shit. 

I choose to wear things on my body that make me look and feel good, regardless of the latest fashion. Luckily pjs are always in style at my house. 

Preachy part: And my point is that we should simply decide for ourselves what is in style for our own bodies.  

I feel infinitely less tired when I don't look like butt and don't waste time trying on 87 different pairs of skinny jeans.  Just suck it skinny jeans! I am done with you.  Except when it comes to wearing boots - I own a couple of pairs that look good from thigh up so that I can wear my boots all winter, but that doesn't count. 

Anyone else have a "fashion" that they give the middle finger to? 

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