Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to let yourself go -

This sounds easy and the unsettling part is, it's even easier than it sounds!  

Everyone has a day where they don't DO too much to themselves - maybe you skip a shower until the evening, or don't put on makeup, or end up in your workout clothes all day or even your pj's - it happens.

But things start to take a turn when normal upkeep feels special.  A leg shave that typically occurs every day or every other day is now on the agenda every two - to THREE days. And even then it feels hard to accomplish. What the what??  When more than one or two areas of your body are not taken care of, in the way they should be - you know you are almost there.

When we listed our house for sale, it was fine to get the kitchen messy as long as all the other rooms were "ready to show."  Then if someone wanted to see the place I did a sweep of the kitchen and was out of there.  

But, if the bedroom wasn't neat, AND the kitchen was a mess - then there was a problem in my mind - too many rooms out of order to be able to be out of the house in 10 minutes if a showing was eminent.

So the body situation is the same.  Face and hair messy, but eyebrows in good shape, skin clear, toenails in order, legs mostly shaved, whole body not too smelly (just a light happy sweat smell from walking Teddy) - no problem.

But dirty hair, dirty body, unkempt toenails, shaggy eyebrows and no makeup? Oopsy.  

When more than one or two "rooms" in your "house" are messy - you have crossed over.

BUT here is where it gets really bad. So you go over to the dark side and lots of rooms in your house are messy and the first and second and third day this seems to occur nothing BAD happens.  Your husband doesn't freak out, in fact no one seems to really notice -- and down the slippery slope we go.

You tell yourself that you've "just been extra busy,"  or because it's so hot and you are at home all day you are just "taking a break" from all that "extra" stuff. 

AND then you are waiting for your car at a valet and you sit on a bench and look down at your legs and look up the valet and he looks down at your legs and there is a moment where he knows that you know that he knows that your legs need to be shaved. And you go home and take a hard look at yourself in the mirror (figuratively of course because you are practically grotesque at this point - you don't want to ACTUALLY look at yourself). 

Here is my Tired Girl tip to NOT let yourself go.  

1. If you can't keep up with your look, then change it up or embrace a more relaxed but still neat look.  (In the summer months by my hair doesn't even come close to my rollers or curling iron - it airs dry and up in a knot it goes).

2. Let yourself take breaks, but have self control.  Putting on pj's upon home arrival is allowed, no bra on a Saturday is needed sometimes, but don't live there.  And still wash your armpits. 

3. Get a good haircut.  Have the big things taken care of. 

4. Know the few things you really need to look your best (or atleast your "acceptable") - so you can do your makeup in lightning speed if needed (as I sit here typing with no makeup on). 

5. Upgrade your everyday/comfy clothes - Cute pj's, t-shirts that are flattering (I like these from Ann Taylor Loft and Target), look better just by accident with slightly better clothes. And throw away the really bad stuff. Do it.  I can't do it, who am I kidding, but you still should do it.

Let something else in your life go - but not yourself.  We want to live the good life after all - not the gross life.

Here is my pep talk from Liz that I have used in way too many posts. 

I feel better already.

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