Sunday, December 7, 2014

Too important to pee -

Sometimes I go all stinking day being very uncomfortable. Having to go to the bathroom and not taking the time. Having a headache and not taking ibuprofen. Being thirsty. Being hungry. Wearing a very very uncomfortable bra. Being cold. Being hot. I live this way for many hours at a time because I simply feel too busy to go right myself in some way.

This is ridiculous.
Like insane.
I blame adulthood, womanhood, busi-ness and of course -- being tired.

I will think all day - "As soon as I finish this (fill in the blank very miserable work related task) I will (fill in the blank with the barest of necessities - like go pee!!!).  Then - hours will go by and I finally potty dance my way out of my office.  I mean what the hey is that all about?

Why all the discomfort in the name of what?? 
Getting ahead? No.  
Being productive? Maybe. 
Being a jerk that doesn't even take her workout clothes off and put on something way way more comfortable to settle in to a day of working from home.

It's stupid and I hate it and I also kind of want to know who else does this?

Sometimes, instead of doing important things, like refilling my water cup. I find my way to Pinterest where I discover that I want to arm patches on everything I own.  Watch out closet - this is happening. (It actually really is I bought a similar shirt at H&M this weekend and now I am just trying to decide what color patches to put on.  Camel color suede? Tartan plaid? Pink?  Black?). 
From Pinterest here. I want these boots, and the scarf.
I am making the shirt and got my own jeans. A similar scarf is sold at Target
but is sold out everywhere close to me.

Here are some slightly more Tired Girly boots - lower heel and a little more casual. I don't own these but I wouldn't mind. 
These are "Lucky Tolachina Boot" and they may also come in suede. 

Okay, back to my question. Who else does this?

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