Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where did you get that?

Recently I have been looking for something that doesn't exist in the universe.  It is: a purse that easily holds my laptop, zips across the top, is not huge, has a cross body strap, has top handles as well, looks like a purse not a bag or a briefcase, is feminine, is reasonably priced (like under $150 - ha!), I can sleep in it if things go wrong for me, is black and brown in parts, and is pretty.

Bought this one on ebay from China and love it,
but a very complicated reason prevents it from working
with my laptop. Here it is on Ebay.
I have become obsessed with finding this Big Foot type purse.  I know it's out there - if I just look at twelve more sites or try a different search on ebay or quit my job and dedicate more time, I will find it.  And in truth I did find it, almost - if I want to compromise.  A $1,200 bag came close, but whatevs.  A $25 purse came close too, but it didn't zip across the top and was cute, not pretty, so if I am going to compromise with the zipper I can consider other pretty things I didn't consider before.  AND cut to me 2 am with blood shot eyes glaring at my ipad and rocking and back forth to self soothe, while Joe innocently sleeps next to me not knowing I may accidentally buy the wrong purse and the whole world will stop.

Currently holding on to this one.
It's not super sturdy and no zipper, but I like the it.
This is the "Big Buddha Cabana Shopper" from Macys.
So, one good thing that has come from this fixation is that I go up to women in public and ask where they got their purse!  I am not shy - I am a little shy actually, but I suck it up.  I have asked five different women so far about their purse and one even let me put hers on my arm and look at the measurements.

I know I could stare at their purse and then try and match it online with magic, or I could just ask them and save 32 hours.

So, now I ask people (really just women) about all kinds of stuff.  Their earrings, their comfortable work shoes, their blush color, their black ankle pants, etc.  It cuts down on tons of energy of wondering and looking. When you see something working in real life it is too good of an opportunity to pass up. It's a very Tired Girl thing to do. 

Returned this and I regret it. May re-purchase.
It's a Dooney and Bourke nylon "shopper.' 

I start with moving closer to them naturally - not bee-lining over to them.  I smile and then act surprised when I notice their purse or whatever. And then I continue to smile and say "Excuse me, I love your bag, do you mind telling me what brand it is."  They are caught off guard rightly so, and then we discuss their item, and then I thank them and tell them how I have been looking for something that size and style.  I usually say to " I need something hold my laptop, but is still pretty," so they don't think I just don't know how to use the internet and look for purses.

So far, everyone I have ever approached has been flattered, friendly and helpful.

In the end NOTHING is perfect - my mom told me that recently about something else and it was like I heard harp music. Nothing is perfect. I have purchased a few (many, many) bags and returned almost all. I have two I am holding on to right now, and I returned one and then almost asked my mom to go back and get it for me - I returned it to the Marshall's close to her. But then I found it on ebay for cheaper so I have that in my pocket too. And also it doesn't matter if I find the right bag because I may have to drop out of society anyway because I am like way preoccupied with this hunt. 

Currently own this and I love many aspects of it, but there are issues.
 Bought this at the Men's Coach Factory Store in Orlando.  

This looks less briefcasey and more cutesy in person.
Men's Tattersal Bleecker

Unfortunately, all the purses I have asked women in public about will not work for me for one reason or another.  So the search continues. 

I need help. If you know of a purse like this you have a moral responsibility to put me out of my misery and let me know.  


  1. Have you tried looking at Burlington Coat Factory? Having been there yesterday looking for shoes and somehow getting sidetracked into the purse aisle (even though I have many perfectly good purses at home), I know that they have many to choose from. Many I saw were large enough for you to sleep in, should things get rough.

    1. It's Michelle. I am not sure why/how my Google account is "Roomba" other than I don't have much imagination when it comes to user names.


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