Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Today I am tired because -

Today I am tired because (get ready for a diatribe). I got up at 5:30 to get work done, walked Teddy, cleaned the kitchen, drove an hour away to the hoo-haa doctor - they had my appointment wrong and so I returned something to Macy's in the meantime and went back - took care of all that doctor business in my business, drove home, walked a sweet puppy that had been in his cage for too long, cleaned the kitchen again (how did it get dirty??), cooked dinner and walked Teddy again. I will work tonight and probably complain alot. Why are YOU a Tired Girl today? Spill it sister (and brother), just tell me everything you did today?
I feel like a jerk when I talk about what I did today - we are all busy. 

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  1. My day? Get up and put towels in the wash. Before I leave for work I can stuff them in the dryer and put more clothes in the washer to come on in 8 hours. Nice when I get home that part of the laundry is done. Get dressed with limited choices of shirts to wear b/c the black bra was on top and I had to wear a shirt that black would not be seen thru. Work. School. Freezer pops and free books for Ellen's class that I mentor. Six class times today (two classes at each) and my clerk was out today. More books returned to inventory and shelve. Hey, it's just about lunch time!! Look thru pages of reports and inventory mess (this lasts all day). Get ready for reading awards in library tomorrow. Collect money for late books. Clean up my desk to go home --- I NEVER work at my desk during the school day so problem books, notes, papers are all just literally thrown on my desk. Then after school (after my dismissal duty), I sit at my desk and make piles and take care of the stuff from the day. Stop at Publix on the way home b/c it had been since yesterday that I was there. Cook potatoes and diced ham and REAL FRESH green beans. Curse at crescent rolls that are much harder to make pretty than the fat doughboy does!!


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