Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I don't have a good title -

How can I disappoint you today? Is something I say - to myself.  Luckily I don't respond to such negativity.

I love to blog. It is one of my favorite hobbies, as hobbies go though sometimes real life gets in the way. 

Me: "I can't make that meeting with the client today - I am just about to finish the super wonderful post that will likely change lives." 

I wish.
Is how I feel.

The reason I started this blog was to create a place to share shortcuts, ideas, and griping for Tired Girls.  The whole point is being better at life so we have time for the fun stuff.  

So it feels like a failure when I don't get to do my hobby (the fun stuff) which is just a way of telling other people how better they can do their hobbies (their fun stuff) or at the least feel better about being a Tired Girl.

You see where I am going with this. 

I don't wanna feel like a failure (said in a real real whiny way). 

But because I don't have the energy to actually produce any of these topics I have written about I am just sharing my list of all the super important things I have planned.  

Feel free to let me know if you in no way want to hear about "how to be charming" or can't even stand the idea of  reading about "general bitching." 

Or if you are like me, and will read something and think "I should really give them a piece of my mind," but instead I wander in to another room, discover my dog, kiss him and then think about something I want to look up on ebay... and there goes the day. 

Here is my list of untapped expression: 

1. BB cream review
2. Fitbit zip review
3. The best marriage advice I was given
4. How to look good in photographs
5. Cliff's notes about the important book Lean In
6. Photos of my new house
7. A philosophy for kicking ass
8. Tired Girl fashion
9. When people suck and you still have to be around them
10. How to be charming
11. A few things I am obsessed with right now
12. More weight-loss discussion
13. What to do when people don't like you 
14. General bitching
15. House selling tips for Tired Girls
16. A review of Frownies
17. Tired Girl weeknight recipes
18. Quick tips on public speaking
19. Laser hair removal info
20. Comfortable yet pretty shoes review
21. I got a blog award 
22. How to train yourself to wake up earlier
21. bunch of other stuff

The vibe coming off of this one seems to say that she does not need to read #2, #3, #4 - she would not care about Leaning In. She seems to have already mastered 7-14 and she has no need for the rest.  This little Missy is not my target audience.  I feel like I can just hear the slow jazz music she's got going on. 

I miss you blog hobby.  What hobby do you miss? 


  1. Public speaking should be integrated into every subject in school


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