Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fitbit Review -

For Christmas I asked for a Fitbit.

I chose the Fitbit ZIP over the other Fitbits, because I liked that is was small, and I wasn't ready to invest (even someone else's money) until I knew if I liked it.  Also, I really wasn't interested in the sleep component.  

The Zip
By the second day I was hooked.  I was surprised at how much I moved on my own during the day and  how easy it was to scooch a bit during a (virtual) meeting (you know I work from home and my whole life is virtual right?), or turn up one extra street while walking Teddy, etc. I was crazed with the idea that I could so easily increase my activity and ultimately become in-shape in no time.  

I loved syncing with the app on my computer,  so  I could see my steps throughout the day. I stalked the Fitbit scale online -I wanted everything to link up.  

"Why?"  Joe asked one night when I mentioned buying a $130 scale when we have a perfectly good one. 
"I don't know" I mumbled thinking - yeah why do I want things sync up and talk to each other?  It's fun, that's why! 

A screenshot of the of the synced up app

AND THEN I went on the third business trip in four weeks and somewhere in the Columbus Ohio Convention Center, on my last day at a conference, the darn thing fell off and I didn't notice till I got to the airport.

This feels more true
than I would have thought.
I had my finger on the "add to cart" to buy a new one immediately (a pink one this time so it would be easier to spot), and decided it wasn't a necessity (I mean obviously). I decided that when I lost a little weight I could reward myself with buying a new one (as if losing weight isn't reward enough - am I right?). 

AND THEN weeks went by and I didn't really miss it. Talking about it now - I want a new one, but I think you really see what is important to you when you don't have something and exactly how quickly you work to get a new one.  Things I replace immediately or even have back-up: foil, my BB cream, ibuprofen, coffee (these things make me sound like a real gem). 

So, the bottom line: I give it a "B."  Something fun and exercise inducing, but not vital to my happiness. 

My friend Nick has the Fitbit One and here is what he said about it (HE has the scale too!!): 

"I love it. I don't really like to wear things on my wrist so this just gets clipped to my pocket... Or if I wore a bra I could clip it there but then this would be a completely different conversation, lol. 

The only thing it doesn't do is heart rate. I like that it syncs with my phone and I can compete with my other friends that have any Fitbit tracker.

I also have their scale so the app incorporates the body fat and weight. I like the scale; it can recognize different users by your weight and body fat. It's pretty simple - it just does weight and percent of body fat then syncs with the app. 

You know I had to have a "Hey Girl"
I chose the One over the Zip for 2 main reasons. 1. It can track your sleep patterns and let you know how much actual REM you get and 2. It has a rechargeable battery. 

You can set your weight goal on the app and it will adjust your daily caloric intake. You can log foods by just scanning the bar codes And you can manually enter anything that is not found."

This is the  FLEX not the ONE that Nick talked about.
The FLEX is probably the most popular.
I do like these cute colors for the Fitbit Flex wristbands.

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  1. I keep going back and forth on these. I'm afraid I'll get one and love it for a bit and then get tired of it. Matt's had his for over a year and likes it, but he's much more consistent than me. But I do like what you said about adding a little extra activity in, and I think this would do it, so maybe?


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