Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tired Girl messy bun -

I am tired (lazy), but I want to look put together.  It's getting to be that time of year where I like to have my hair up and away from me most of the time. Makeup-less, two day old hair and a lack of hair skills has me feeling super duddy though.

I SEE girls with their hair pulled up and it looks so cute and not horrible, so I know it's possible.  I went to my favorite resource - youtube!!! (sung in that Oprah high at the end kind of way) and watched several how-to videos on "messy buns."  I finally landed on this girl.  She shows how to create three different messy buns, and consequently my around the house hair immediately improved.

She's cute as a bug and clearly not professional, but the best part is the way she shows and describes how to put your hair in to a messy bun made it easy to do.

Here are some images I came across recently that inspired my obsession with easy, but cuter updos than what I was previously sporting around the house. I posted this first pic on the Tired Girl facebook page.

This sweet little bird  looks so worried about her adorable hair do. 

I mean I am not a fan of KK, but I like this hairdo.  (source)

Too cute  and just what I am looking for in a "messy bun." This girl's tutorial was good, but her bun required bobby pins and I'm not interested in that (source) 


I would happily have posted photos of my own messy updos, but it looked like I had gotten in a fight with my camera when the photos were shot - just chaos and eyebrows and hair and  half closed eyes.  Just no. 

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