Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A dog hobby -

The goal of my life, as you may know, is to rest and be productive and have fun.  Tonight as I sat down to post to this blog, my sweet baby dog nuzzled up onto me - we call it "pit time" because he curls up in to our armpits.  It's fantastic. 

Tonight as I type around a dog head on my chest I am happy to report that as many things as I suck at (generally being an adult) I am good at being a Tired Girl (half-hearted whooppee). 

My healthy and mostly good tasting dinner was whipped up, eaten up, and cleaned up in record time, leaving the evening ahead of me to be laid on by furry dogs, talked to by less furry husbands, and glowed on by television sets.

Is my house clean? Sort of. Laundry folded? No. Other stuff that needs to be done? Always - oh my God always! But as a Tired Girl I have mastered letting some things go. 
The view when he hunkered down and I could breathe
and move better, but had less sweet dog face laying on my neck.

This dog therapy is powerful. Hearing little puffs of air from his rear, that will soon be followed by the worst stink, is totally worth it (mostly). When he relaxes, he toots. Its quite a personality trait. 

What activity do you work hard to get to in the evening?  What inspires your Tired Girl toosh to get moving? 

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