Sunday, November 16, 2014

A wife -

I hate when politicians tell us what we need to fix. I KNOW what needs fixing - the point is how are YOU the politician, running for office, going to fix it?   So that being said I am about to tell you what needs fixing without a plan as to how to solve it.

I need a wife. A 1950's, stay at home wife. Not Betty Draper for sure, but more Donna Reed. In truth I need a maid that REALLY loves me and wants to take care of me.  Joe needs this wife too. 
I already have enough of both the Drapers in my personality.

What I need more of in my home is Anna from Downton Abbey.
Do my hair

Put my gloves on me.

Do things to the back of dresses.
I assume Joe needs all of these things done too
 - except with boy clothes obviously.
Today I went to Target to pick up a prescription and returned without the prescription, for losery reasons I won't go in to.  Clearly I need help.

An answer to all of this is to: wake up earlier, to get more done.  Hooray!! 

I don't know Dr. SunWolf, but I like her.

Any day now I will revisit 5:30 am, like I used to.

If you have never read the blog "Hyperbole and A Half"  then go ahead and kiss some time away. I try not to read other people's hilarious and fantastic blogs, so I don't accidentally steal their ideas.  But,  I read this post "Why I will never be an adult" and I think about it all the time.  It is just wonderful.  My favorite is:   

Hyperbole and Half

 More evidence why I need a loving maid/wife person.

If I don't know whats what then how is Joe supposed to save me.
This is my office/workout room/storage/laundry room.
 Please ignore my cords in every direction - just temporary (probably).

I needed the laundry basket these clean sheets were in and ... this happened.

And help!

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