Sunday, October 20, 2013

I can do Wal-Mart -

Wal-Mart.  I know what you are thinking. 

Wal-Mart works for me though, and so I am sharing.  I understand that  it just DOES NOT work for others.  I also know that it is wrong that I shop there – that they squelch independent places, they strong-arm their vendors, they don’t pay enough for the production of their products, that they don’t give enough to philanthropies in relation to their profits.  All of these ides float through my head while I push a banged up cart that I have to actually push or else it will – on its own – move to the right and crash into aisles or people.

 Wal-Mart works for me though because, I can buy in one short trip: organic chicken thighs, staples for my staple gun, weed killer, organic almond butter, brie cheese, asparagus, a new jog bra, egg whites in a carton, an African violet, a bulk bag of skittles (when I was a classroom teacher), razor refills and calcium pills – all in one trip, and except for the weed killer, almost all of that fits in a hand basket AND I’m paying less for every one of those items then I would pay anywhere else.  Not necessarily by a lot, but at least by a little.  Done.  Target can come close, but I don’t have a Super Target and even those don’t have a craft section.

 Apparently the craft section is a non-negotiable.  I must craft.

I love pj's and Wal-Mart, but I would never disrespect
eithr by combining them.

I bring my reusable bags to Wal-Mart (they are fine with using those), I park by the Garden Area (easy in), I check out at the Garden area (easy out). I do not get prescriptions there – there will never be enough hours in the day for that – horrible!!  I smile at the screaming kids and their tired looking parents, I smile at the older people hogging the aisle, I enjoy the foreign languages I hear, I smile at the cashier, and I leave. I go home and enjoy a whole evening with my family instead of making 27 stops on the way home for all of that stuff and being exhausted.

With the time and money I save from shopping at WM, I can go to the library and peruse the used book section.  I actually have found great books there, but these two page-turning titles were skipped. For the record I like asparagus fine, but can't see a WHOLE book of recipes.  And I am plenty interested in past life regression I suppose, but "The Complete Idiot's Guide"????  I think the dumbed down version is just reckless, frankly.  You shouldn't trust past life regression tactics to a "Complete Idiot." 

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