Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another (and maybe better) way to de-puff puffy eyes -

When I posted the Tired Girl tip:
"De-puffing puffy eyes" my friend and fellow Tired Girl, Jenny, sent me the idea of using witch hazel.  I had never done much with witch hazel, but knew some of its effects as it was in some of the products I used on my dog. 

Recently when I had to travel I knew I wouldn't be able to use my frozen de-puffing beads. It's not exactly feasible to cruise around with a medical cooler filled with eye beads; implying something important is in there like a liver or something. The eye beads had to stay at home.  I doused some cotton pads in a ziploc bag with tons of witch hazel, zipped it up and hoped for the best. I had never tried the witch hazel on my eyes before so it could have gone badly. 
I got mine at Wal-Mart or Target.
Here it is on Amazon.

The first morning though I placed one saturated cotton round on each eye while I laid flat on my back on the hotel bed.  I tapped my eyes and the area and bones around my eyes and laid there for about 2 minutes.  Not long. I felt the witch hazel going in to my eyes just a little and it burned a tiny bit, and I hoped I wasn't blinding myself.  

I put the cotton rounds back in my ziploc, patted my eyelids dry and surveyed myself in the mirror. It could have been the idea of hope coming through, or it really did work.  My eyes looked less puffy and a little tighter everywhere.  The tapping and lying on my back didn't hurt, but the witch hazel brought it home I think. FYI, witch hazel is in hemorrhoid cream which is why you have heard to put Preparation H on your eyes - skip that, and just go for the witch hazel.. 

This is a nice option, especially if you travel or don't readily have access to a freezer (maybe you camp a lot or something - I don't know)  and may this works even BETTER than the frozen bead thingys.  I am still thinking about that.

Thanks Tired Girl Jenny! 

I also read recently that the big hipster glasses that everyone wears these days are great for camouflaging eyes.  

This is an option if you are going to be interviewed on TV or have some big presentation coming up - and you'll look all smart.

These could be fun -I wonder if they look cheap in person. 

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