Sunday, September 29, 2013

Acupuncture -

I have tried acupuncture and I like it.  It's complicated, and I am neither endorsing nor discouraging this whacky and awesome idea of sticking needles in your body as treatment!  A a Tired Girl though I am open to things that will make my life a little less tired. I am going to tell about my experience, in case you simply want to know more about it from someone you sort of know (me!).

My experience:

- I had the name of an acupuncturist that had her own practice, but she never called me back after two calls, and obviously that was not a great sign.

- I found a group that was close to me, with no idea if the office or acupuncturists were "good" or not. I decided that driving a shorter distance would be beneficial to the experience and I was just in the mood to go for it, with little research, frankly.

- I stopped in one day to get a feel for the office and make an appointment. The group I chose also did physical therapy which made it seem more "medical office-ish." There were people in the waiting room, but they could also get me in in a timely manner, and that felt like a good mix.  I did find myself discussing personal matters through the window of the receptionists, so a phone call could be a good idea instead of going in. "Fertility and Allergies" I said loudly so she could hear me when she asked me what my health issue was. It just boiled down to that - if they could "fix" or help either, I would be pleased.
This is a Lichtenstein that I took liberties with. 

- They gave me paperwork to fill out and bring back at my first appointment - general health and history along with other things - how I sleep and eat and things like that.

- My first appointment was fun. I was in a small examining room with a massage table, sink and 2 chairs. I brought my fertility file with me and the acupuncturist looked over it and we discussed lots of health things - big and little things. It almost felt like therapy. She was totally interested in minute details of my life. Then she felt my pulse for a long time - they "listen" to your organs.  I always ask what they hear and they often say similar things - "Oh, you are tired today!"  Ha!  "You are depleted." Or, something about my poor circulation.  Stuff like that. One time I was told that "something was in my throat" which I was told meant that I had something to say, but wasn't saying it.  Always something to think about it.
- Then she looked at my tongue for a little bit and wrote some stuff down. I was never totally clear about what my tongue said - there was always a lot to take in.

- The first few months we were focused on both allergies and fertility - they (you know "they") feel that everything in your body is connected so if one area is off everything can be.

- So some days I would take off my clothes leaving on my underwear, but not bra and put on a hospital gown open in the back. They leave the room for you to get settled. Then I would lie on a massage table with the opening cut out of the head part so you can lay your face down in and breathe. She would put a towel over my toosh and legs and open my gown in the back. She often massaged my back a bit and then put acupuncture needles in different spots in my back, back of my legs, feet, and sometimes my ears and the top of my head.  She would tear open a new package for each needle and kind of tap/hammer them in to me.  It sounds horrible, but it really isn't.  It does hurt when they go in, but just a tiny pinch. Sometimes I wince and osmetimes I don't even notice.  Once they are in they rarely hurt.  All of my acupuncturists would ask if any of the needles hurt, and if they did they would adjust them.  Certain times of the month the needles hurt more - weird right? I would assume there are variations for men as well. Once they are in you can't feel anything.

- Some days I would leave all my clothes on and lay on my back on the table. I would lift my shirt up just a little and undo the button and zipper on my pants and the acupuncture needles would go in my stomach and abdomen area, my ankles, feet, hands, head and ears.

- Almost every time a few of the needles were hooked up to a little machine.  I was told which needles to feel for and when I felt a slight pulse I would tell the acupuncturist and they would leave the pulse there. It was just a slight vibration and after a minute or so I couldn't feel anything at all. Then a warming lamp was turned on over me - which felt awesome! Who knew? The lights were turned off and I was left to lay there and have the best 20 minutes of crazy great relaxation.

There is more to say - so my next acupuncture post I will discuss cost, effects, other variations in treatment and my overall view of my personal experience and acupuncture in general. 

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