Sunday, September 15, 2013

A good spouse -

As a Tired Girl, my life is easier, because of the support system I have.  A family that loves and accepts me. They know sometimes my Tired Girlness is totally inconvenient, and they also work to help me out.

My parents and my husband are both brilliant at this - they love love love me and they also hold me accountable. They love love love me and they both tell me it's not cool when I pay the bills late, because I forgot (translation: in the weeds of life, which also translates to: too tired after doing other things to remember other other important things). 

A serious Tired Girl tip is that I highly recommend surrounding yourself with appropriately supportive, loving, non-toxic people.

My husband catered to my Tired Girlness in two big ways this weekend and it reminded me of a post I wrote a long time ago. 

I don't really get in to the zombie thing, but this is still a good idea. 

Me and my possible zombie killing partner.

Originally posted Tuesday November 27, 2012-

Choose the right mate. 
Ha – there I just solved all of your major problems – just marry or stick with the best person for you. Done! Seriously though, choosing a good partner will make you less tired. If you have already chosen a partner though then you’ll have to work with what you got. So good luck.

Partners fall into four categoires for me –


I choose the non-grumpy versions either way - I am not interested in bad boys. My husband borders on grumpy, but only situationally (he can get what is called hangry – hungry/angry – watch out – put some cheezits in his mouth, then he’ll be okay).  He is also a sometimes quite a serious person, but he actually fits into the tired-nice category.

Like me, he would prefer to watch a movie than play golf. I like this about him. We watch the movie together or watch golf together (I can't think of a time we have actually watched golf) or get in bed early together. He does not make me run marathons and we complain together about our messy house and then work together to make it semi-clean. We are tired together.

Having an awake nice husband could be handy, because I assume they would just do everything, but sometimes it makes me tired to even watch other people be active. Annoying to just witness their energy.

Tired grumpy and awake grumpy would need to be worked with in some way. Maybe someone can write a blog about that. If you are connected to an awake or tired grumpy partner, let us know your tips for being with them.

If you don’t have a partner yet then figure out which of these you would prefer and plan to fall in love with them. 

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