Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The exquisite availability of scissors -

Sometimes it takes me a month to mail something. I write the thank you note upstairs in my office and then it sits there for a few days (or weeks), then it finally makes it downstairs where it gets addressed and stamped, but not put in the mailbox.  At some point I put a cute design or something on it, because I feel bad that it is so late, so why not make it prettier when it arrives.  Then I over think the mailman's time frame and put the note in my purse to get it mailed when I go run errands.  Then I forget about the note for a week, where I find it in my purse and finally walk it out to the mailbox.  Tired? Eh.  Lazy and unfocused?  Probably. 

So lately I have been trying to get better at FINISHING a project in one small window of time.  No more "I'll take that upstairs and put it away when I go up later."  NO!  I do it all right then - including clean up like the un-packaging of whatever it is and throwing the bag away and all of that.  Just get it all done at once.
broken-handled hanging with the makeup

This is going to sound so dumb, but I realized that I have scissors EVERYWHERE in my house.  Many drawers in the kitchen, several spots in the bedroom and bathroom, a drawer in the living room, and so on.  Apparently not having a pair of scissors is the one thing that stands between me and a totally successful life.   Sometimes the time it takes me to think about going to find scissors I am already over that task and have relegated for a later time (like three years away or never).  Dumb I know, but whatever.  And frankly having to look in two drawers in the kitchen is too much for me too - I just want a pair in each drawer. 

I wrote last year about the idea of having supplies in every room for just this purpose, but I have come to realize that scissors in particular are a non-negotiable for me.  

So from one Tired Girl to another I would like to recommend that you go buy out the discount school supply section of scissors, just in case it means the difference of actually completing a whole project.  A project in this case is something as humble as cutting the bag of green beans (or oreos) open instead of tearing in to them like a wild animal.  That is the type of basic project I am happy to complete without much effort.  

That is my second tip - set very low standards for your productivity levels and you will never be disappointed.  When your spouse gets home and asks how you are, you can share that you cut a bag open with scissors that happen to be in the drawer you were standing in front of and it felt pretty. darn. great. 

This is like a game of hidden pictures - except who cares if they find someone else's scissors in a photo?

Inspiring I know.

What helpful supply do you have stashed all over your house?  If it's cocaine, don't tell me. 

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