Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tired Girl tanning -

I don't tan and I don't like skin cancer so I don't spend too much time trying to get tan. I do love the tanning bed a lot, but it is not good for me, so I put it in the category of doughnuts and wine and candy and things on infomercials, and maybe things that are even worse - something I want, but I do not do.

"Tan fat looks better than white fat" is something I wish I didn't believe, but I do.  I feel prettier with more glow and less doughy whiteness - don't judge.  So I have my own Tired Girl tanning regimen.  It's dumb, but that rarely stops me from sharing.

I have a tube top type swimsuit cover up that I use to work in the yard. I wear it as a shirt and loosely stick it in to the top of my work shorts, just so it doesn't hang down long.  It creates a blousy top so if my stomach feels like sticking out this way or that while I am in some weird weeding position (like twister without a spinner, but with bugs) I don't worry about it.  It also creates a lack of lines across my chest and arms.  The tube topness is cool, let's the breeze (if I am so lucky) be enjoyed, and creates a bareness for getting nicely sun-kissed.

I do spray my body with spray-sun-screen (I want tan not burnt), I grab my work gloves,  I enjoy the AC for a last fleeting moment, I think about how Princess Kate never has to do competitive weeding, and then I go out to get a mini-tan.

20 minutes on the timer and my yard and I look better and I have liquid (sunshine) energy pulsing through me.  It's a twofer which is this Tired Girl's goal always.

I have one like this - mine is from Wal-Mart, but this one is from Target. I highly recommend one with ruffles across the top - the ruffles are great camoflage if you know what I mean. If you don't  know what I mean, then you are probably a boy.  I also like the hot pink "Tired Girl pink," because if I go down in the yard my body (my awesome tan body) will be easier to find. 

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  1. Love the top and the tanning strategy. Plus, vitamin D from the sun keeps me happy and from yelling at the hubby.


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