Sunday, September 22, 2013

If you look good -

"If you look good, you feel good -  you feel good, you do good."  I like to say it real fast.

My high school friend, Cissy, shared this famous quote with me a long time ago.

Obviously the proper grammar is to say "you do well," but that would ruin the rhythm.

In college there were a few times that I forgot to actually prepare, and instead I rolled my hair up, put on some lipstick and headed out to bomb a test - looking good.  So it doesn't ALWAYS work - sometimes you have to know stuff.

But I actually do think this theory is pretty powerful. As a Tired Girl, sometimes I don't have what it takes for certain tasks, but frankly if I look good, then I do feel good and when I feel good - you see where this is going.

Looking good is all relative of course. I bet I look pretty similar on most days, but sometimes I definitely feel like I look better.

My point that I am slowly making is that, as Tired Girls, we sometimes have to approach a situation with less than is in us that day, and we have do well at it anyway.

Here is my list of looking good resources (just to share, but obviously yours may be way different):

- Clean hair (even if I don't have tons of time to make it look great). When my hair is dirty I feel ick, and I feel like I look ick.

- Clear skin. This is not always possible (thank you hormones) so I can't rely on this at all

- Clothes that fit well - not too tight; not too loose; accentuating the good.  I would rather choose something overly simple, less trendy, or less appropriate (a tad under-dressed) and wear clothes that fit my body that day.  

- Accentuating  my eyelashes. I say yes to mascara when I want to do well at something.  Don't judge or over think this one for me.  Find your superpower that you can accentuate.

- A special piece of jewelry that has sentimental meaning that makes me feel awesome. 

Here is my list of I-feel-good clothes that I like to have on hand:

- Jeans that make me feel great - especially if I feel bumpy or swollen (and thank you hormones again).

- Atleast one fantastic professional ensemble. (Presentation, interview, trial, award recipient, observation, or kick-ass worthy).

- A cocktail dress that I can wear normal underwear and tired girl bra with, sit down in, don't have to suck my stomach in, and no matter my current weight, swelling or hormone levels I feel good in. (This can be a tricky find, but it's worth the hunt).

So go buy expensive clothes and makeup!  (said in that high pitched Oprah way).  Not really, but it is great - no matter our body shape or current skin condition or sleep deprivation - to have an outfit, a lipstick, a pair of shoes, a hair style, whatever - that make us feel good. Make sure you have some resources like that.

So that when you want do well at something, you will make sure and feel good, and one step to feeling good is looking good.

I am interested to hear what your "I need to look good and feel good and do good" resources are.  So spill it.  

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