Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Black and White Tops -

I love black and white shirts.  As a Tired Girl they are easy and classic and go with whatever happens to be on the bottom half of me.  You can add fun shoes or basic shoes, jewelery or nothing and you either have a nice pallette to work with or you have a simple and classic (again that word) outfit.
me in a black top - that's about it.
The key, to me, is to have interesting black and white tops. A plain white tee and jeans is -wait for it - classic!  BUT I feel a little more put together if my white or black top has some texture or something interesting.  It still goes with anything from dressy black pants to khaki shorts to yellow jeans to a patterened skirt, but the having the details  makes me feel not like I picked out these cool yellow jeans and then lamed out and didn't know what to wear it with so I put on a plain white shirt. Bleh.  I am awar of how poorly that sentence was written but had to get that idea out.
I have high standards for clothes and the white and black shirts that make it in to my collection must be:
easy to wash,
require little to no ironing,
make me look skinny or atleast not large,
and appear to be good quality. 
These outfits are all from J.Crew at some point or another. I am actually not a big fan of the button up style in the middle - classic yes but I just don't love on me.

One top I bought recently I found at Marshall's, but earlier that day I tried on the mostly exact same blouse at J. Crew. It is a heavy cotton black peplum (just a slight edge - not a big ruffle) top with cap sleeves. The Marshall's no name fit me better and was like $50 LESS - that was fluke though.  I am open to spending money on interessting black and white shirts though.  Mostly because of the list of criteria they have to have.
One of my more expensive past times is getting on ebay (a fave Tired Girl website) and searching black or white tops from J.Crew, specifically.  I have gotten some great deals. Marshall's is also a top black and white shirt shopping spot. Cheapy brands with trendy details for cheapy.
The tops have good details or pretty lines and are all from J. Crew again I think.
A black top or shirt goes with anything - did I already mention that like 10 times?  I also love the monochromatic look - all black or all white. 
And I think this is my last word on this topic. I look better in white white and not cream, but for many cream is a hit - so be open minded for yourself. 
And some good news about black - does it show off tons of dog hair? Why yes it does, but that is not the good news. The good news is black is TRULY (for real) slimming. Cheap black tops look more exepnsive than tops in other colors too. 
As a Tired Girl this look really works for me. I am always on the lookout for a cool black or white top.
Just a whole bunch of photos of me wearing some of my favorite black or white shirts.

P.S.  If you are bored at work, or waiting in a doctors office or something - here is more:
Before I wore my Tired Girl Bra all the time and I shopped for regular bras,  the young and sweet lady at Dillards was helping fit me for a bra. I told her I wanted a nude bra (the only color a Tired Girl wears, because you don't have to think - it just works for whatever you have on - who has the energy to coordinate a teal and polka-dotted bra??). The girl sweetly wrinkled her nose and said "Ewww - why?"  I told her basically what I just wrote - about it going under everything. She told me that it's only necessary under white.  And I said "Yeah - exactly," or something similar. And she asked if I actually wore white shirts.  And I mentioned that I wear them all the time and her  nose went to wrinkle again and probably to ask "Ewww - why?"  But then I think she realized she just needed to sell me a bra and zipped her lips. Incidentally if you do not wear the TIred Girl bra you can still find really pretty nude colored bras. Tired Girls can be pretty too.

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