Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hey girl, be nice

I originally posted this in January of last year, but was recently reminded the importance of being nice. A friend of our family always says in a sassy voice - "Manners will get you where money won't." - which is a tweak on the Margaret Walker quote.

This skill is imperative for Tired Girls and nice humans.

January 10, 2013
Be nice.  People will like you even better… and when people like you they overlook things.  Like, the fact that you are leaving their party early (because you are tired), or you didn’t call them back for a week (too tired to talk), or you don’t volunteer with them over the summer to organize the science kits and textbooks (seriously?), or your dog always barks at them when they innocently walk by your house, or you need someone to not hate you (because you were late for your appointment).  Instead, they unconsciously know that when you are with them: You. Are. Nice.   Don’t be fake, just be nice. 

It's helpful if you actually like and enjoy the people you are being nice too, and strangely once I take the time to go that extra little bit for someone, I  find that I often (but not always) do like them.  But even if you don't -  smile and say "thank you," and "you’re welcome," and" have a great Thursday," and "please,"and "those cookies look yummy," and "your car is so clean," and "that dress makes you look skinnyyyyyyy!!" (saying these things in  that crazy Oprah voice where she drags it out and goes up at the end is even better). 

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone – nor do I recommend that – just be nice to people. It’s the whole “pay it forward” and “you get what you give” theory, and us Tired Girls will inevitably need to be given something at some point (like patience… or help… or more patience).  So, you better give it when you feel good and awake so that when you are tired and don't (and aren't), people will like you anyway. 
if you ever get the chance you should google image search "ryan gosling hey girl" 

be this nice person by being nice to all

Aaaaand one more word about this. Be nice – not because you plan to need something at some point – but just because it’s nice to be nice (and all that other stuff about how it will come in handy when you botch something up.)  

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