Sunday, March 30, 2014

Greige -

This is a blog post in pictures tonight.  It's all about one of my favorite colors - GREIGE (grey-beige).  Kind of brown, kind of grey and now this sounds entirely lame. But whatevers (whatevers is the new term for people with a lot of time - instead of shortening a word we make them longer by adding esses and things to the end).

Blurry greige toeneails

Greige boots and greige Tom's - I was trying to be creative with this shoe shot. These shoes look good with every color.

Here is an outfit featuring a greige tee.  I googled "how to take fashion photos for a blog" and read LOTS of EXCELLENT info. Stuff about side lighting and a short focal length (or was it a long focal length) and how to edit the background, etc - really quality information. But then instead I just took this photo with my phone while standing on my tip toes because I am more of a Tired Girl and less of a fashion blogger.  And Yes, these are the same yellow jeans from the first photo and I do wear other things, but I just like these. The scarf I used to wear with this outfit was in my purse when it was stolen from me.  So I have revamped it with the blue.

Here is what happens when you try and have a photo shoot with a puppy - what you don't see is one of my sandals in his mouth.

Greige clothes - a tee and a cardigan (two of m favorite things)

Obviously I have a greige sweatshirt - it actually used to be yello but was such an ugly yellow in the end I dyed it "black" and black and yellow mixed to create a greige sweatshirt. It was meant to be.
Greige nail polish - I use the "gel" version.  Another blurry photo for your pleasure.

In closing I will share that many of the walls in my parenst house are "greige" the paint color was called "Starbuck" and we stinking love it. In my old house I had a lighter tone called "Quahog" - like a clam color - equally warm gray and pretty but just lighter.
A beautiful color.

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