Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TG Mullet -

Today I have a Tired Girl Mullet. It’s not business up front and party in the back.  Instead it is clean and dry up front and pulled back in a messy weird half ponytail in the back.  Sometimes it is not even all that clean up front but more just “neat” in front and pulled back in a messy weird half ponytail in the back.  It counts as a “do” because I gave it a name.  I bring it up though because it buys me more time on a busy day and for that it is an integral part of my life. 

Beware- DO NOT google "easy updo" as you will see lots of very uneasy dos.

DO NOT watch videos on youtube for ideas of ways to put your hair back in a "fast" or "easy" back-do as you will see complicated configurations or girls whose hair looks so perfect to begin with that anything they do will look great.

DO NOT feel bad about yourself.

What does your real human Tired Girl Mullet look like?  Send me pics or a description. I can block your eyes out if you want.  

I choose not to post unrealistic photos (today only) of gorgeous and definitely NOT easy back-dos.  Especially on 20-year-olds with professionally done makeup.  Also I think bad news (like banned content) is more palatable in Tired Girl pink.  And also, yes I am grumpy.

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