Sunday, March 2, 2014

Survivor Tired Girl -

I wouldn't make it four minutes on the show Survivor. I drink a lot of water, I use chapstick and handlotion 11 times a day and I have to pluck and shave my body hair daily. I would not be camera ready with all that eyebrow hair, and they wouldn't want to show me plotting and scheming and swatting away mosquitoes looking like a wolf contestant.

One of my favorite past times, though, is to think about what my one "luxury item" (
 they used to do that, don't know if they still do) would be if for some miracle I was on that show.  This thinking has morphed in to wondering what products I really need to look nice enough to be on TV (or really just hanging out in real life).  I have decided on these four things: 

 - Clear skin (which I cannot control so this list already sucks)

 - Clean hair
 - Lip Gloss
 - An in-shapeish body (this is all relative and we all have different ideals for our bod)
 - A smile (ick what lame bumpersticker idea- you just need a smile and your whole dang life will be awesome). 
My most favorite lipgloss -
Buxom in "Clair" - a magic color.

There is something wrong with each of these items, but what I have decided (I always have to decide something) is that ultimately these are the best accessories a woman can have. Jeans, suits, pj's, a cranky mood, whatever, all look better on someone with these specifics.

So, while I often don't have some or most or any of these (today I have clean hair and a smile

 and that's all folks), maybe I will have some combination. The goal would be to have all of these every day.  I hope this doesn't sound vacuous (oh wait it totally does).  

My mom  can go a long time with out washing her hair, if needed, and it still looks great.  So that may not be on her list.  Obviously everyone's list is different. The other day I had 12 minutes to shower and leave my home.  It was interesting (to me only)  what was most necessary that day.   

This is as survivory as I get - with my Rafa Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask -
trying to get my skin glowing as "clear skin" is on my "most necessary" list.
As I have mentioned - I am terrible at selfies - probably
because I choose moments where I am half awake and covered in mud
to take some shots.
What is on your "most necessary" list?  You don't have to tell me or anyone else, but for some reason I think it's fun (ish) to know what's on my list. 
Though having perfect eyebrows is not on my "most necessary" list and having perfect eyebrows is not attainable for me,
but these are very good tweezers - and they come in "Tired Girl Pink"

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