Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Go to funerals -

Go to funerals.  Don’t go for fun of course, you weirdos; go because it's the loving thing to do for people that are important to us. 

There was a time when I was so deeply exhausted from my job and chronic sinus issues that my husband would practically hand me a dress and tell me what time to be in the car to leave for a funeral service.  The whole way I would grumble that I had things to do (like sleeping) and we should just write them a lovely note and that would mean more than showing up with tons of other people, and I didn’t even know the person, and also I didn’t want to go. This feels terrible to admit now (I was a Very Sick and Tired Girl back then - now I am just normal tired).

Time after time though I would see the looks on these friend’s faces when we would hug them before or after the service and I could tell it meant a lot that we were there for them.  And often when we see these friends/acquaintances/business partners/etc. they tell others about us: “These guys came to my grandmother’s funeral!” 

So I do things like buy in twos and do leg lifts while I dry my hair to allow extra energy to build up so that I can spend it on people that are important to me.  I feel less tired when I make others feel loved.

On a side note I have come to cherish celebrating a person's life and learning about their legacy to those that were important to them.  

And on a light note I think watching a New Orleans Jazz Funeral Procession would really be something awesome. 


This is not a Tired Girl  source

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