Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clarisonic Review and Messy Bun: update -

Clarisonic Update - Six months later - 

My mom bought me the Clarisonic face scrubber for Christmas (thanks mom!!), and my friend has the Clarisonic Mia. We both review the Clarisonic here:  Clarisonic Review

Six months later I want to update you on what I think about it.

I look younger, am thinner, and have more money thanks to this thing!  Actually none of that, but six months later I can tell you that I still LOVE it!!

I have used it almost every day (except for a few weekend get-aways where I made the mistake of not packing it), and I believe that my skin is improved.  I definitely have had less breakouts and am completely off of Proactiv.

I have oily, combination  and temperamental skin and I feel my over all skin quality is improved because, as Tired Girl Ashley says in her review,  "if my skin is completely clean of makeup and dirt at the end of the day, then the less likely my pores will clog up and combine with my hormones causing acne."

Tired Girl Ashley is on to something for real.  Having skin cleaned in the right way is where it's at for me.  As I mention in my review I partner my Clarisonic with an all natural face wash, which I believe has also been beneficial for my skin. (Rafa Natural Clarifying Skin Cleanser, $14) 

Six months later I still highly recommend this pricey purchase.  I may be tired, but my skin doesn't look it (well sometimes we all look like crap - but you know what I mean).  

I didn't post any of the "before and after" photos here because I can't verify their accuracy, but if you feel like it, or are procrastinating doing something else then google image search "clarisonic before and after" and you will see lots of great shots.

Messy Bun Update - 

I finally talked my camera in to photographing me not looking quite so angry so here is an actual day that I threw my hair up in to a "messy bun" and this was the result.

I also want to acknowledge the girl on youtube that used bobbypins in her messy bun and I said I didn't want any part of that.  Sometimes when I have my hair up and am actually going to leave the house for a long period of time I use two or three bobbypins to secure the messy bun so it doesn't go all wonky on me in an hour.  

I feel the use of occasional bobbypins does not compromise the overall ease or laissez faire attitude of the messy bun. 

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