Monday, May 13, 2013

A non-dog sofa

 I have one sofa in my home that is off limits to my dog.  Every other sofa is covered with something to protect it. (My strategy: Every bed has layers that are easily washed and can be whisked off to reveal a clean layer when I crave a dog free space or for a poor unsuspecting guest that may come our way. 

My one lone sofa is in the living room and is directly on the right when you come in the front door of our home.  For a while this was Ralphie the dog's favorite mid-morning nap spot - where the morning light was just right. It is also the room we (the humans) like to sit to read the paper or have a drink with each other or guests.  

My mom bought me a pretty sofa cover for it that blended nicely, but the whole thing was taking a hit with Ralphie on it. I tried a few things like scooting the coffee table right up on it so that Ralph couldn't jump up there, but all of my ideas looked bad, and as I am a Tired Girl I would never un-scoot the table or take the things away I used to deter him. So, then I had one "dog free room" that looked all weird and haphazard most of the time.

One day I saw a sofa in a magazine that was covered with tons of pretty pillows, and I knew my love of throw pillows had finally found a purpose. Hooray for a NEED for throw pillows!!! I went shopping in other rooms of my house, dug through my stacks of fabric to sew two pillow covers, and treated myself to one NEW Ikea pillow. I lined them up neatly and Ralphie was immediately uninterested in such a busy sofa and padded off to one of his other nap spots.

So, though this was a new idea to ME, I understand it is not rocket science.  In the end though I  enjoy seeing my living room looking neat and guest-ready when I have to open the door spur of the moment, AND I have channeled my pillow love to an actual location.  

The many faces of Ralphie sleeping on a bed or sofa. There are 35 million more photos where these pics came from, and obviously I have an obsession with photographing my sleeping dog in bad lighting. 

My living room sofa with some of the pillows I chose to use. If I had an unlimited throw pillow budget I have my eye on gorgeous, pricey things, but I want to retire someday, so these will work.
Shopping credits: from left to right: bought at Ikea;  a gift;  made by me - fabric on clearance at Joann Fabrics; bought at Marshalls; made by me; cover bought from Big Lots (who knew!!); another gift.  These were all acquired years apart but are a happy family now.

Here are three very different formal living  rooms that I like:

A living room I love that looks nothing like what I have.  Ralphie surely wouldn't enter this room.
This would be in my country home. 

When I look at that pretty glass table I think that it would be immediately smudgy in my house.


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