Sunday, May 26, 2013

Martha Stewart? Southern Living? HGTV? No - Tired Girl.

Plants do not thrive in my presence.  But I have found one outdoor plant that has done well (awesome actually) in every location despite my neglect and regardless of conditions.  It has flourished everywhere I have stuck it.  Sometimes it is all I have in the way of plant success.

It has multiple names - most popular:  Purple Heart or Purple Queen. 

This is the BEST Tired Girl plant - especially if you are a reluctant gardener like me.  I have bought it to get it going in spots, but then I just break it off and stick it wherever.  Or when it is going in the wrong direction or want to trim it or something I just break it off and stick it somewhere else and it thrives some more!   Literally break off and stick in the ground/soil. 

Water it, don't water it much - it's so laid back about it!  And the pretty purple color creates a wonderful balance to any green. 

Industrial strength, beautiful and inexpensive.  Lovely. 

Here are a lot of photos of places I have it around my house.

Hanging out next to my herbs.

Stuck in my planters and along the sidewalk.

In my other planter.
All along the path in the backyard - a wonderful groundcover.

Stuck in next to my geranium to fill out the planter.
here is some more info about it if you are bored at work : 

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