Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY at-home Gel Nail update

I painted my finger and toe nails over six weeks ago with my Sensationail and Sally Hansen at-home gel nails kit.  Here is the original post:

I do not recommend the Sensationail brand polish for fingers, as it hardly lasted four days, but my toes have done so well. I won't buy more of that brand, because if I am going to spend money I want it to work well on my finger nails too. 

You can tell that my toe nails have grown and these could use a touch up coat to fill in the lack of color and worn look along the base of my nail.  All in all though I am fine with the way these look with such minimal effort, and money 6 weeks ago. 

Sometimes when I work in the yard a lot I am tempted to take my polish off, soak and scrub my feet, let my toes breath and put on a fresh coat of polish after a few days of bare toes.  These will probably go another week and then I will do that, although I may let them go as long as possible just to see truly how long they last before they really HAVE to be redone. 

I still give a Tired Girl thumbs up to the Sally Hansen Gel Nails Kit.  

Is it weird that I am updating you on the way my toes look? Have I crossed a line? 

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