Thursday, May 23, 2013

Closet organization

I work from home. I have been known to wear my pajamas to work and sometimes my closet still looks like this:
This is a for real photo and not staged to look haphazard and carefree.
 When I have the gumption to actually put things in drawers and on hangers (sometimes that is harder than it sounds - any Tired Girl knows that) it makes parts of my daily routine infinitely smoother.  I am not digging around for clean pjs or searching for my other running shoe.  Most especially when I worked outside of my home like a normal person I relied on the organization of my closet.  I needed things to be where I expected them to be so I could get out in to the world in a timely fashion and start making a difference already.  

I give myself a "B" in organization. I acknowledge the idea of it, put the plan in place and most of the time keep it up, but it does not control me and I am definitely more on the "laid back" section of the spectrum. But knowing where my clothes are supposed to be is seriously helpful for me for several reasons.

1) It saves me time - no digging around for that pair of pants or top.

2) It saves me energy, when I go to put clothes away I don't have to think I just know where everything goes. 

3) It saves my marriage - there is nothing like a good old fashion wardrobe malfunction meltdown to start either side murmuring the words "trial separation" -- knowing what clothes I have and where they are helps me find them, quickly readjust them when they don't work, and get out the door on time.  

4) It saves my fashion sense - organization gives me the ability to see all of my clothes, therefore inspiring a variety of outfits and gives me the possible time to "experiment"  (watch out I'm being daring with this small belt and a different cardigan!)  

5) The biggest one - saves my sanity - see #1-4. 

So this is how my closet works:

What and How
All pants and skirts are hung together, work and causal. Jeans are on a shelf because I have more of them and they are heavy, but they are right with the pants.
All white shirts together

All black shirts together
All sleeveless tops together

All short sleeve tops together

All long sleeve tops together
All cardigans, blazers, jackets together

All dresses together

Every day shoes - running shoes, slippers, flip flops and my most valuable players of shoes go in a big basket.
All other shoes - special occasion, etc are in clear bins.  They are not labeled because then I would have to match up shoes - I just like the clear ones for a quick glance. 

In drawers are workout clothes, pjs, undies, shorts. 

I do not want too many sub categories, because then when I'm in a rush or would just rather be doing something else then putting my clothes up I don't want to have to hang my "work" pants in the "work pants" section or a t-shirt in the "short-sleeved t-shirt, not dress shirt, not going out shirt section."  You know what I mean?  There is such a  thing, for me, as too organized. I want general areas to cram stuff.   Even when my closet is a wreck like the first photo I still know where to go to find things because even when it's messy it's still organized. If that makes sense.

My  layout is not a  super wonderful plan, I am just sharing because you will either love it and it will inspire your closet or you will hate it and it will inspire your closet or you will write me with what you do and it will inspire me and I'll change my whole place around. 

My mom has hers arranged completely by color - all pants, shirts dresses mixed but color sorted.  This wouldn't work for me, but it does for her, and it is pretty to look in her closet. 

How does organization help you be less of a Tired Girl? 

I wouldn't spend the money or energy on these but they are fun.  

Just wanted to redeem myself - I neatened up my closet.  A fun way to waste time is to google image search: "closet organization" - lots of fun ones to look at.

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