Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's okay to be a girl -

Food porn, I guess, is photos of yummy food - right? I don't really love that saying for whatever reason, but I think that this site I came across, is fashion porn. Or porn for your eyes - maybe that is what regular porn is actually.   Anyway, whatever -  I came across this photo blog and went ahead and wasted about four hours (in separate increments) this week. I could have read a whole book, or worked out a lot, or something. 

Instead I just scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through this site. Which, though I understand is kind of a waste, it's still going to keep happening. 

there's me, just blogging in sequins
These girls make me want to wear lipstick - not in the amount and in the colors that they do so casually, but maybe some. These girls make it okay to be a girl - like all things girly are worth posting and looking at - just for the beauty of it -  AND though my life doesn't regularly call for this amount of fashion in one outfit, I think it's like the idea of the fashion we see at Fashion Week, in magazines, and from Rihana. 

Of course, we girls, are not going to wear a tartan plaid men's suit and hot pink heels to work.  But, we will add a little more hot pink and a little more plaid to our wardrobe. That's the take away - as I understand it - from the catwalk. 
I actually will copy this exact outfit - it does entail a sweatshirt.

So this super beautiful site does that for me - it inspires me to be a little more of something around my home and on my body. 

Enjoy.  Hope you make it in to work tomorrow and aren't found by your children with your hand cramped and eyes glazed in the living room looking at this site instead. I feel like I have already said too much and maybe ruined this fun site. 

Here it is:

Southern Charm

Also, if you click on the photo you like on the site, there will be photo info - brands, sites, etc.

I'll wear this tomorrow.

And I'll wear this the next day, and I am seriously going to buy some leopard flats.
And this can be my kid.

okay, yeah

And I'll live here.
 Anyone else have a site that makes them want to call in sick to work? 

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