Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Juice bitch -

I was trying to make juice sound interesting so I added "bitch" to the end of it.  
The idea of making fresh vegetable and fruit juice every day is not a very Tired Girl activity at first glance.  But I want the good life, so I have to strive for things dammit.

Joe and I bought a centrifugal juicer years back and used it sometimes.  We loved the actual juice, but the whole process was ridiculous.  The work did not outweigh the juice and there was so much waste.  We sold our juicer in our garage sale and decided to try the masticating juicer instead. We did lots of research (e.g. I read about them on Amazon and Joe watched you tube videos comparing them) and then we headed to the Macy's Labor Day Sale.

This is what ours looks like. It seems to be cheaper on amazon
right now; we got ours super on sale at Macy's. 
I have a lot I can say about this so I will try and streamline it. 

The masticating juicer in short: 
 - requires WAY less clean up
 - is more expensive 
 - the juice produced can be kept for a week in your fridge
- way easier to juice kale
- just better  

The other (centrifugal) juicer is obviously: 
- less expensive
- horrible to clean up (in my Tired Girl opinion), 
- freaks me out with it's super sharp parts 
-  and the juice is only good for that day (for complicated sciencey reasons I won't go in to).

Our new masticating juicer is our new favorite family member. We have been meaning to watch the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," but have been too busy living the juicing dream to watch movies (that is a lie).  We are not on a juice diet or a juice fast.  We eat food like normal humans.  This doesn't seem to be a blip for us - something fun to spend our energy on to pretend we are healthy until we get bored with it.  We seem to actually like it. 

Here are a few other things about it:

- I think it requires a smidge of planning - just like any other meal.

This is the centrifugal juicer we had. We had
never heard of the masticating juicer when we
bought this. We liked it at first and bought one
for my parents. The masticating one is much
better for Tired Girls.
- We still eat actual fruits and vegetables, but veggie juice tastes good and it feel likes you just drank a rainbow. We have simply added juice to our diet not replacing it with good eating.
- We still eat junk food - this isn't like a whole life THING - we are still normal people (did I already say this? Dammit we are NORMAL).
- For me it's all about kale - I couldn't sit down and eat two or three cups of kale a day, but I can juice it, mix it with carrot juice and guzzle it down, and get something good in the process.
- I hesitate to say this because it sounds goofballs, but I feel like drinking juice like this makes me feel a teeniny bit less tired.  

In my next juice post (because this one is too long already) I will discuss:

- Juicing for Tired Girls
- My favorite juice recipes
- How the heck to use kale
yum, unless this grosses you out, and then never mind

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